Preparations for arrival of new E Tron

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2022.01.20 12:06 AlphaThree Preparations for arrival of new E Tron

I just placed the deposit on a new E Tron. This is my first EV but my 5th Audi. This will be my only car. (I'm single and I commute about 58 miles round trip per day, currently spending $175/mo on gas). I've been reading up on EV trip planning and battery health. I have a NEMA 14-50 scheduled to be installed in my garage a couple weeks before the car arrives. I've installed electrify america and plug share apps and I'm learning how to use a better ev route planner.
Is there anything else I need to do/read up on prior to the vehicle's arrival?
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2022.01.20 12:06 OopItsAlias Golden Lantern Event not working?

Anyone else wake up today, do the update, and not see anything? Is it stuck? Wait til 21st? Am I dumb? Is it everything all together? I may never know. And I’m impatient with all things personally
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2022.01.20 12:06 _kehd NFA: don’t go chasing options with this early spike

Don’t go chasing waterfalls either
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2022.01.20 12:06 Mwab95 Your P4P #1 Groomer

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2022.01.20 12:06 KSHAWRYK I keep seeing the same memes everyday so I asked my grandson for some and this is my favourite

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2022.01.20 12:06 GownedEstablishment Podcast discussing making of WSD music video in case you’re looking for something to listen to.

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2022.01.20 12:06 PrestigeW0rldW1de Did the Supreme Court decision cause the change in the CDC’s position?

The CDC finally admitted that the vaccines do not prevent the spread of or infection from covid 19 and should only focus on high risk people. Exactly what the Great Barrington declaration had determined almost 2 years ago. Is this a political backpedal by the CDC thanks to the Supreme Courts decision? It seems globally that not long after the US mandates were struck down, entire countries began scrapping all mandates. The WHO is also now acknowledging natural immunity and calling for the removal of all mandates.
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2022.01.20 12:06 actionmotion Yae buffs

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2022.01.20 12:06 oselvagem O Futuro dos não vacinados.

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2022.01.20 12:06 WesternBeginning7220 DRUDDIGON ADD 3076 2371 1055

DRUDDIGON ADD 3076 2371 1055
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2022.01.20 12:06 Sad-Raccoon-9243 Hair loss advice

I started eating healthy and working out. Basically cut out carbs, sugar, dairy and increased protein intake. My hair fall had reduced significantly, but are there any ways to promote hair growth or will that happen automatically ?
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2022.01.20 12:06 Matt85x What's the oldest wine you've drunk and was it awesome?

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2022.01.20 12:06 romain34230 Que change le nouveau contrôle parental obligatoire (smartphone, PC, consoles…) ?

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2022.01.20 12:06 Chatty_Chatty_Lover “Showtime Synergy!” (Jem Doll from 1985 from Hasbro, and yes, her earrings light up!)

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2022.01.20 12:06 Friendly-Lab-4705 Took the NCLEX today

Took the NCLEX today and it shut off at 75. I had select all that apply for almost every other question and back to back from about number 10 on. I also got an ECG strip (easy a fib) and one picture question. I really felt okay about the test but now I’m starting to panic. Anybody gotten questions like this and passed? How soon after I get the email can I do the PVT trick?
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2022.01.20 12:06 Studio10eleven Report: Chiefs LB Willie Gay Jr. Arrested in Misdemeanor Criminal Damage Case - Chiefs Digest

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2022.01.20 12:06 _AttilaTheNun_ This New Years fortune I got a few years ago.

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2022.01.20 12:06 Nabil447 Can't see coordinates

So my GPU is AMD Radeon 7850M and I use a HP laptop.
Whenever I press f3 and try to see coordinates my GPU's name is interrupting and overriding the coordinates so basically I can't see coordinates because of the GPU name (I use laptop so I can't get a large monitor too)
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2022.01.20 12:06 walteerr Didn't go like that in the end...

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2022.01.20 12:06 uptown-rat after having long hair my whole life i wanted to try something new- any styling tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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2022.01.20 12:06 fluffyfish6 What the hell

I woke up at 5 this morning and my phone was acting like it was brand new, I started freaking out because I thought everything on my phone was gone and I'd never get to talk to some of my friends who've moved because I didn't have their numbers saved anywhere else. My dad was like half awake and I didn't know what to do and I was freaking out but I went back to my room because it was early, my phone started buzzing because of the notifications and I checked it, all my apps that had been there before where starting to show up again along with all the default apps I'd deleted when I first got my phone, I had to go in and login to all my apps and I had to do stuff like turn on dark mode for all of them. So it sounds like everything worked out just fine, but nope, not a single one of my thousands of photos are there, I haven't got a chance to check my memory card, but even if those are there I'm still missing a whole bunch of photos. And I still don't know why my phone did what it did, like why the fuck did it do that? I didn't mess with any settings, I fell asleep listening to a live stream and my phone was on the other side of my bed so a whole foot away from me.
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2022.01.20 12:06 Zeonat Hand me down Laptop

A few days ago my aunt gave me an old laptop for my online classes. We're not rich and lives in a third world country that's why it's common here to give old devices as hand me downs. Anyway, it's an HP Envy 15 Touchsmart notebook from the windows 8 era. It's the 15-j009wm model. Can I do some upgrades to it aside from ram and storage? Like can I change its cpu or gpu because they didn't age well. I really don't have the money to get a new computer atm and thinking of dumping a bit of money to it. I'll list the specs down. Also, can I reuse the serial number of on the back to install windows 10?
CPU: A8 5550m 2.1 ghz 4 cores (?) threads GPU: Radeon HD 8550g 4204 mb RAM: 8gb DDR3 1600mhz
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2022.01.20 12:06 DarkHorse678 One question I have about the timeline not involving the Sarlacc or the Tuskens

We see Boba reacting to the flares that Din and Toro shot to blind Fennec in Mando 1x5. But if you watch that episode, they capture her and Toro holds her captive when it’s dark until finally shooting her in the stomach. When he does this it’s early morning based on the lighting. So does this mean Boba walks toward the flares/rides his Bantha for a whole day just to see what the commotion was? Or am I missing something?
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2022.01.20 12:06 romain34230 La Chine parmi les leaders du semi-conducteur d'ici 10 ans ? C'est ce que pense IDC

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2022.01.20 12:06 Partofsome V50 buying advice

I’m looking to buy my first Volvo, but have really no clue where to start. I would prefer a V50, price and looks wise, but which engine and type? What are the things to be on the on lookout for when buying a secondhand V50? ps I’m located in the Netherlands.
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