Why don't we have more humor disparaging Neurotypical people?

2022.01.20 12:11 lovesanimals64 Why don't we have more humor disparaging Neurotypical people?

Seriously, Why not? We are a marginalized group, and the SJWs ignores us for mot being trendy enough, so why shouldn't autistic people shit on neurotypical people in retaliation for all the ablism we have experienced over the years.
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2022.01.20 12:11 Willing-Bandicoot507 Leaving HK with HK wife

Hi All,
Unfortunately I have decided over the coming 1-2 years I am leaving HK for good due to the lack of mobility and well the whole pandemic.
My wife wants to leave with me but she is very concerned about living abroad as this would be the first time for her. We would leave to the UK, EU or US country where I am a legal resident.
She is a nurse and HK pay is quite good I would say. I am just wondering whether anyone has gone through a similar process leaving HK with a HK local before?
Thanks and all the best!
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2022.01.20 12:11 gaggeriniiii Fun, solo autistic friendly exercise?

Has anybody ever found exercise that they can stick to and enjoy? I've only recently realised that sleeping is so much easier when I'm physically exhausted but I'm struggling to find a way to exhaust myself that I actively want to do. I grew up very uncoordinated and was always picked on for my lack of physical ability, so I've never really latched onto a sport that I really loved and carry a lot of discomfort about my body and its non-athleticism.
I did yoga every night a while ago, but gradually stopped when I realised I was intensely bored with it and resenting it. It also made me wide awake right when I was supposed to be going to sleep.
Any tips? Any experiences? It all would be appreciated!
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2022.01.20 12:11 cbvv1992 🔥55% Price Drop and Off Code – $29.39 Hookah 20" Kit Complete Set with Everything (Blue)!!

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2022.01.20 12:11 RedRiot0 Any Advice for Running Modules Better?

Recently, I was talked into checking out Pathfinder 2e, and eventually this led me to buying the Humble Bundle that was up recently for it. This contained the Abomination Vault adventure path, which being a megadungeon adventure greatly interested me.
However, I've never had great results with modules in the past. When I first started running PF1e, I ran the Crypt of the Everflame series, which was decent and was the only time modules felt right to me. However, my attempts at running various PF1e APs always felt weird or flat or just not terribly interesting. So I'm hoping to get some advice on how to spruce up my module game.
For those of you who don't recognize me around here (it's fair, I'm not that cool) - I am the forever GM for a group of casual manslaughter vagrants. Their go-to solution to most problems is to fight, but they're not problematic players beyond their more laid-back and fairly casual approach to the hobby. I love my players, so I'm not about to ditch them, but there's minor issues that often put a damper on the usual tactics. I know one of the biggest pieces of advice people will want to give is 'tie it into your PC's backstories', which I know is good advice, but will not work for my situation. My players aren't very RP driven folk (it's more about the combat and silly antics), so they won't give me any real backgrounds to work with.
So how do you spruce up a module to give a little more oomph? Related, how do you prep for modules to make it a better experience (especially as a GM)?
Thanks in advance, folks.
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2022.01.20 12:11 starwindsoftware How to Backup Microsoft 365 with Dell Druva

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2022.01.20 12:11 STACKS-aayush GMK Liftoff Group Buy is Live until 25th February!

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2022.01.20 12:11 marveled20 👄

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2022.01.20 12:11 marijnvtm .

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2022.01.20 12:11 porcelo-rafael Hicieron cosplay, de una de chica que hace cosplay, en un anime que va de hacer cosplay,simplemente epico

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2022.01.20 12:11 LeviMcguire88 SOLANA SOL crypto logo hodl

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2022.01.20 12:11 andtilly Dawn: a mix of nightlife memories and feelings with Placebo, IAMX and Daft Punk influences.

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2022.01.20 12:11 beetnemesis Do the Aiel use a base-20 counting system?

Do the Aiel use a base-20 number system rather than the usual base-10 that we tend to use in modern times?
Other cultures have used other systems- the ancient Sumerians famously used a base-60 system, which is the origin of our clock system. 60 was an incredibly useful number, as many numbers divided easily into it.
But part of the reason we tend to use base-10 as the default system of mathematics is because it’s a convenient number to use. We have ten fingers, so it’s easy to conceptually manipulate and count.
Now, obviously the Aiel have ten fingers as well. But, that said, the Aiel would always take their tohs into account as well.
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2022.01.20 12:11 ______michael_______ Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter (Remix)

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2022.01.20 12:11 BlursedAnnex Mr Incredible Becomes Uncanny (You Catch Your Son Reading)

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2022.01.20 12:11 wolfhazard Coromon will be launching on PC/Mac and Nintendo Switch on March 31, 2022!

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2022.01.20 12:11 Foxly_lol Edition 4

Hello friends! I just wanted to ask your opinion about when will ed4 be released? I started the game just right after the release of ed3 so I don't really know whats the time between edition releases
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2022.01.20 12:11 Prestigious_Town3179 Input

Is it normal to look back months after a breakup and think that some issues that really bothered you then aren't as big a deal as u thought they were?
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2022.01.20 12:11 KaliBear NSV - I have cheekbones!!

Hi y'all.
The scale hasn't been my friend the past few days - creeping up 1.4 lbs. I know I've eaten a bit more salt than usual, so I'm hoping it'll go right back down. This has me down, but I looked in the mirror today and.....SAW MY CHEEKBONES for the first time in....I don't know how long.
I can't see them fully yet, but there are noticeable dents in my face where there weren't before! I'm very excited about this! :-)
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2022.01.20 12:11 TheSmogmonsterZX This is how you get...

Most of these stories are anachronistic and follow a specific OC of mine as he journey's through eternal reconstitution. Not all are happy, not all are sad, but I like to theme each one. If you want a good start here are the first 2 which I think can give a decent understanding of the type of stories you can expect.
My last days
One of those days
Also any registered trademarks and copyrights are properties of their rightful owners. As this series jumps realities very often it is hard to track that info.
This is how you get...
"What is she like?" Talla asked as she sat across from Alan. He was reading over an offer from the Planetary Union to make him a specialist in interdimensional crisis management and a security officer.
He looked up briefly as if pulled from a very deep thought. Talla had become a fast friend, and he was glad for that. She was also very curious about Anna. It struck him as odd, but he knew she was trying to get as much information as possible to keep her and the crew safe.
They were in the mess hall, each with a meal from the other's culture. Alan was enjoying his meal and drink. Tala was just enjoying her drink.
"Not her powers." Talla said. "Her as your daughter."
Alan smiled, Tala had a way of knowing when he wanted to talk about something even if he wouldn't say it. He was either getting predictable or she was just good.
"Well she's alot smarter than I am. Can pick up basic lessons like that." He snapped his fingers for emphasis. "She loves anything that can be classified as an animal. I once saw her try to pick up a platypus from a local animal show's display. The glass almost didn't stop her."
Talla snorted. "Sounds like handful."
"The best kind though, she's kind, respectful and just rough enough around the edges so she won't let herself be a doormat." Alan laughed. "She once saw me punch out a woman whole told her to smile on the day her mother died. That ended up being her response from then on out."
Talla shook her head, "Still has your independent steak I guess."
"She's more personable. Me I can live on the outskirts of a society. She needs people though, even if she won't admit it." Alan smirked at a memory he almost wanted to share.
"So she's just enough like you that she could be following." Talla nodded. "I'll make sure we keep the light on."
Alan laughed. "Thank you." He picked up the offer once again. "Think you're gonna need my help here?"
"Alan, look at this ship's history since Captain Mercer took command." Tala laughed back.
Alan nodded. Mercer definitely had protagonist syndrome. Almost never lethal to one's self, but potentially nightmarishly lethal to those around you.
"Not wearing a uniform." Alan sighed.
"We'll see about that." Talla smirked and turned to an approaching John LaMarr.
"Have you been picking up anything odd on your brain scan?" He asked Alan who rolled his eyes at the nickname for his telepathy.
"Define odd, John." Alan took a sip of his nearby drink.
"Weird little blips of movement." John said looking around. "We've had things going missing and wires ripped up."
Alan put his offer on the table. "When did it start?"
"Around 1900 hours." John grabbed a chair and sat down. "Some food went missing too."
"Oh Christ." Alan sighed.
"See I was afraid of that reaction." John sighed and drug his hand through his hair. "It's Gremlins isn't it?"
Alan gave a harsh laugh. "That's the fun Answer."
"What's the unfun answer?" Talla asked.
"Anything from Crites to Xenomorphs." Alan sighed as he picked up the offer and authorized it and quickly handed it to Talla.
"Okay, Xenomorph I get, seen that movie." Talla authorized the offer on her end. Captain Mercer had already done so. "What's a Crite?"
"Furry little ball of hate and hunger. Smart enough to operate technology and read, but just left of all forms of sanity and kindness." Alan focused and pulsed a search for extra minds. He found none. "Not scannable so it's not Crites."
"Gremlins?" John asked.
"Do you want Gremlins?" Alan shot him a look. Could be any number of various little nasties of the multiverse." A thought struck him. "Oh god it could be fae."
"Like faries?" John tilted his head.
Alan nodded. "Get me buttons and glitter I need to remove this possiblity ASAP.". Alan's stomach formed a pit as Talla and John went to get the items he needed.
He sat at the table going over the offer once more. He really didn't want to wear a uniform and wanted to makke sure he could get out of it. That's when he saw the tiny clawed hand reach up from under the table and grab a fry off of Talla's plate. If he had had a camera to look into he would have done a perfect deadpan sigh into it.
The gremlin kicked and screamed as he drug it out from under the table through a telekinetic field. It hissed as he pushed it towards the bright light of the mess hall. He was suddenly very thankful he sent the other two to get those items as the gremlin's thrashing was not easy to contain and people were running out. A skittering sound told him he wasn't alone as the last of the people ran out.
"You're like rats, you know that. Annoying interdimensional rats that can't let people be." He crushed the gremlin in his grasp. Several low growls came from various points.
Gremlins came in many flavors. Those from the reality with Mogwai had since spread as interdimensional nightmares and we're a plague to all realities. Unfortunately mogwai and gremlins were both naturally null to psionic sensory and capable of wrecking something like The Orville within days if left unchallenged. Alan was about to have a very bad day, he had challenged a mob of gremlins and they were not happy.
Several kitchen knives flew out and he barely deflected them, but only barely. Then nothing. Alan had to watch and listen, he couldn't pick up intent and that meant he was as vulnerable as anyone else on the ship. He was just glad that he was fairly certain a leader of the critters was here and the disturbance would bring Talla back at the very least.
The shutters on the mess hall viewing began to close without warning. Alan didn't look, he knew a distraction when he heard it. Then the lights went out. He pulsed a glowing aura in response and the room was lit up as if a black light was on. Alan grinned as he realized they luminesed beautifully. They also noticed this though and scrambled only to be caught invisible field and slammed against walls at highly unsafe speeds.
Green gore covered the majority of the mess hall as Talla and John both entered and fired upon several glowing nightmares. John already had a gash across his face.
"I think it s gremlins!" John said as he fired towards a clearly smarter gremlin with a series of tiger stripes.
"John." Alan growled. "Shoot now, gloat later."
"Gloat?" John fired again only to have a pan lid tossed at him. "This isn't gloating, this is John having an early childhood nightmare come to life!" He snapped.
"Oh." Alan smirked. "Smart fear." He erected a barrier as a pot of boiling water splashed to the ground. He then lifted the water and kept it contained.
The noises died down as the gremlins retreated. Alan took a moment. "John, cut all water access."
"Talla to the bridge, we have gremlins." Talla opened a communication line.
"Oh. I'm aware." Captain Mercer said.
Captain Mercer's voice did not make Alan happy. It was tinged with the kind of shock that accompanied a very rare breed of gremlin, on that had become more common since breaching the walls of reality.
"Please not a fucking Brainy." Alan groaned.
"Alan!" A New England accent came over the coms. "Alan my boy, is that you?"
Alan roared in frustration. It wasn't just a brainy gremlin it was The brainy gremlin. It had escaped it's normal demise thanks to Alan getting caught up in its death and now it just roamed the spaces between realities with other gremlins.
"So good to see you!" The voice had a sadistic glint to it. "Well, so to speak, anyway. Listen, Alan we're going to have to retreat. Apologies and all, didn't realize you were here."
Alan was slamming his head into a wall in anger. He hated that little bastard but if he killed it they wouldn't retreat, it was the worst kind of choice he had to make.
"We won't bother these nice people again." Alan could feel The Brain's grin, it wasn't a null, but very good at keeping it's thoughts to itself. "Ciao!"
A few moments later functions began to be restored to the ship and the red alert dropped.
Alan roared in frustration once more.
"Well we're alive." John smiled.
"No uniform!" Alan roared as he made his way through the ship, checking for any strays.
His time here was not yet done and he would brook no more insane surprises. Not while he was around at least.
Few more stories in this reality. I like the series but I need to also put in some time between writing them. So the Alan stories wi be every other work day, usually 3 in a week but I may not be able to get there all the time.
Hope you enjoyed reading and yes, the little bastards will show up again. They're the type to just be in the neighborhood when you are too!
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2022.01.20 12:11 Individual_Remote_47 Can we talk about pick times?

The more I play in ranked and club leagues the more it seems like 15 seconds for banning characters and picking your own is not enough. With a roster of over 50 characters we either need a search function or more time to find what we're looking for.
I'm not sure if there has been a post about this yet but I haven't been able to find it here. It just seems ridiculous to me that they expect six people to run through every character in their roster in 3 minutes and that's assuming no one auto locks (which they do all the time) in which case you have less than a minute sometimes.
Never mind that at the higher ranks the last pick has to take into account that they are the counterpick and need time to decide how best to counter the enemy team comp.
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2022.01.20 12:11 SufficientGrass1393 #tfbx

Geleceğe yönelik güzel bir sunum vaaddetmektedir.
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2022.01.20 12:11 GamerNav Moving from iPhone to iPad

I included my Pokegenie app data in my iCloud backup. Moving it to an iPad caused 2 problems: 1. It did not restore my iVision add-on purchase. 2. When I go to Backup & Restore in Pokegenie it says “not signed into iCloud”, which won’t change even though the iPad is signed in.
The basic data moved fine. Now if I want to sync the data between 2 devices I can’t if the backup and restore isn’t working. Any advice?
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2022.01.20 12:11 ReetD27 All the 2004 born what would you say are your achievements before turning 18?

Wanna know what according to you are your achievements before turning 18.... This is applicable to those who have already turned 18 but is 2004 born.
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2022.01.20 12:11 edpoo It's hardish for some men to have female friends

Some guys literally fall in love with any girl because they are so touch and affection starved so any girl that shows them attention he views them as a way to get that affection and attention.
I am some guys. I don't make moves though because i am aware of why i catch these (false) feelings so quickly and easily. The feelings go after a while of sitting with them but it still sucks feeling that want for however long it lasts.
It's worse if you've gotten with them before (kiss, sex) and then they decided after, that it was just a bit of fun.
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