Those damn mood swings

2021.12.05 14:30 UncleSam20 Those damn mood swings

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2021.12.05 14:30 _sammo_blammo_ AMA and I’ll respond from any perspective you want

Ask me a question and tell me any perspective/belief/ideology/framework/etc you want me to respond to it as. Get as creative as you want with it!
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2021.12.05 14:30 blocklir Converse is changing the One Star and I'm mad about it

Converse is changing the One Star and I'm mad about it TL;DR: Nike owns Converse. Nike SB wants to be the biggest skateboarding shoe brand, and one way to do that is by creating an aesthetic monopoly for skate shoes. Nike is going after one of Converse's most famous skate shoes, the One Star, and making it look more in line with their idea of what a skate shoe should look like. I find this unnecessary because we already have a One Star Pro that fills that role and also find it insulting to the heritage of a legendary shoe that is so incredibly special.
Hey everyone. I wanted to talk in length about a topic that I have not seen anyone talk about, to the point where I'm wondering if I'm the only one who has noticed it.
Converse is silently changing the One Star.
I will admit that I am pretty late to this topic, as I noticed this change about 2 months ago. That was around when I saw the first images of how the New One Star would look like. But i never had the time or will to write a long post about it.
I appologize for the lengthy post in advance, but if you only care about the changes being made to the One Star and don't care about the economical and cultural context, skip to the "One Star changes" section.
Ghost changes to shoes As usual, Converse are not releasing any official statement about the update to the One Star sillhouette. Unfortunately, this is what we expect from the big sneaker brands nowadays. They change their models in ways that they don't suspect the audience will notice or care, so they don't say anything publicly. Sort of like a ghost patch that a game developer team would do.
For instance, Converse has been doing this ever since the Chuck 70 was released. If we take a look at the promo photos for the original launch of the Chuck 70 in 2013, you can see some clear aesthetic differences and details compared to the modern Chuck 70.
Some can only be seen on the outside and some on the inside. Some differences are purely aesthetic while others greatly change the construction, quality and experience of the shoe, such as the implementation of a memory foam midsole, that did not exist in the original 2013 release.
I've found this amazing japanese video explaining these small details that Converse fans have spotted over the different generations of Chuck 70s, and it teaches you how to identify the era from which the specific Chuck 70 is from.
Japan has a strong Converse fanbase, and the only way the community has of knowing of these small specific changes made to the shoe over the years is through archiving each pair and searching for the little differences. That is because Converse, once again, never releases any information on this. The fans have to do this themselves.
Nike SB and the skater aesthetic absolutism Nike is a god in the world of marketing. One of the big reasons for the immeasurable success of Nike SB was how Nike SB managed to create a new trend of exactly how a skate shoe should look like.
Nike SB's biggest realization was when they released the Nike Janoski, which was a worldwide hit because it had the name of one of the most famous skaters at the time, the design was simple, being able to be worn by everyone, and the construction was minimal yet effective.
Nike SB Janoski. Simple, low profile, minimalistic, slim, narrow, pointy.
From here on out, Nike SB took advantage of their leverage and decided to completely shift the skater aesthetic to their advantage. Previously, skate shoes had a recognizable aesthetic, usually bulky, overdesigned, technologically advanced, huge logos on the side and all.
És Evant, legendary old school skate shoe.
If Nike SB was able to completely change the skateboarder's opinion of what a good looking skate shoe looks like, than they could essentially eliminate the competition by making the costumers not want to wear other skate shoe brands.
This is exactly what happened and it is what we see today. Skate shoe brands are more and more discouraged to make technological or design advances, because the modern skater just wants a basic shoe with the minimal amount of things on it.
The two reasons why this design shift was advantageous for Nike SB are:
  1. Admittedly, slim, minimalistic shoes do have a couple of benefits in skating performance as well as popularity potential. But I don't think this beats the second and most important reason.
  2. It is hella fucking cheap to produce, especially compared to the previous trend of bulky, overdesigned and highly technological skate shoes, which Nike SB was highly responsible for making it look outdated and silly.
To be clear, it wasn't Nike SB alone who completely and utterly flipped the skate shoe culture upside down. Obviously trends come and go naturally with time, but I think it's safe to assume that Nike completely predicted this shift and is taking advantage of it.
Nike SB influencing Converse CONS After the worldwide success of Nike SB, Nike found it fitting for Converse to have their own skate shoe sector. This is when Converse CONS was launched, and with it, variations of the most iconic Converse shoes in skate culture, and the One Star was one of them.
Skaters had been skating the One Star for decades, so Converse CONS launched the One Star Pro, which had some technological and material improvements with skateboarding in mind, but they also updated the sillhouette and design a little bit. These adjustments were not only made for skateboarding performance but also to fit in with the Nike SB trend.
CONS One Star Pro. Simple, low profile, minimalistic, slim, narrow, pointy.
It was nothing huge, the shoe was clearly still recognizable as a One Star, but a few tweaks were made in order to fit into the recent skate shoe trend that Nike SB started: the slim, minimalistic, narrow and pointy skate shoe. These changes are nice in order to differentiate the One Star Pro and the One Star aesthetically.
In fact, every shoe from Converse CONS follows the Nike SB skate shoe trend. For a long time they used Nike technology on their insoles. This is why you should always size up in CONS shoes.
About the One Star changes Now, back to the One Star. I absolutely fucking love the One Star and hold the opinion that it is by far the single most underrated sneaker of today. It is a sillhouette from the 70s and has grown in popularity over the years in the skateboard community. It has a vintage, cute, classy and skater look to it, and it is very rare to find a shoe that holds so many differente connotations, meanings and cultures, all the while being very simple in nature, construction and design. I think it is an extremely special shoe and that the original sillhouette should be conserved to the best extent with today's technology.
For some god forsaken reason, Converse (Nike) thought it was a good idea for them to change the One Star into a version that looks almost identical to the One Star Pro. The panels are smaller, the shoe is less tall, the rubber sidewalls look thinner, less curvy, edgier and more minimalist.
The New One Star is basically indistinguishable from the One Star Pro, at least from the outside. The only difference is the branding around the shoe. The One Star Pro has CONS branding on the tongue, license plate and aglets, while the New One Star has the Chuck 70 license plate.
Obviously, the technology of the One Star Pros is the same of every CONS shoe, the same rubber material, the elastic straps on the tongue, the CX insole, etc. It seems like the CONS shoes are starting to feature more recycled rubber, which is exactly what Nike SB has been doing for a while. The One Star Vintage still maintains the classic Chuck 70 outsole, but this New One Star seems to have something closer to the One Star Pros, which in my opinion is worse quality for everyday wear.
I don't know anything about the insole or other details, given how new the shoe is, but some things i can see from the outside prove that they are built more like a One Star Pro.
The sillhouette and aesthetics of the shoe are just messed compared to the OG One Stars. They no longer have the cute pointy toe, opting for the CONS edgy, straight and lower-to-the-ground toe.
The tongue is constructed like the CONS One Star Pro, just a flat slab of sued with no rolled edge and the thinnest layer of foam stitched underneath, with the stitchlines visible under the laces. It's just a lazier, more minimal and faster to produce tongue construction. It looks worse in my opinion.
And the panels of the shoe just look smaller, more minimal, it doesn't cover nearly as much of your foot. It also seems to be less padded, less curvy and round, the suede is less hairy and more compact, two things which in my opinion are a huge part of the charm and cuteness of the One Star. They instead prefer the edginess, minimalism and cleanness of the One Star Pro.
Why do I care? At the end of the day, the New One Star still looks great.
But the OG One Star just looks better. And it respects the heritage. And the New version just looks like it has cheaper materials and construction, purely from looking at pictures. I can't say for sure yet.
I just don't see any fucking reason to do this. Other than making a cheaper shoe that will potentially appeal to more people.
Converse already has a One Star that looks like this, the CONS One Star Pro. Why would they change the original sillhouette to one that already exists? The only reason I can think of is that they saw that the One Star Pro sells more than the OG One Star, and assumed that this is what people like. But I think the reason for that is because the only people who seem to appreciate the One Star are skaters. It seems like noone outside of the skate world appreciates the One Star. Which is a shame, seen as how special of a shoe it is.
It's things like this that remind me that Converse is owned by Nike. Nike has famously done this treatment to other legendary sillhouette of theirs, most notably Jordans. I won't go super in detail about Jordans, but suffice it to say that the Jordan community has consistently been let down by the Jordan brand due to their weird fuckups that they do from time to time.
The most notable example to me is the Air Jordan 11 Columbia release, where Jordan decided to have the Jumpman logo on the heel face away from the toe, the opposite way that it used to.
Thankfully, the Jordan community is super conservative about their heritage and they don't let that shit slide. They throw serious flak on the way of Jordan brand whenever something like this happens, and thankfully the recent releases of Air Jordan 11s have had the Jumpman logo facing the right way. I wonder what would have happened if the community hadn't responded.
The sad part is that noone really cares that much about Converse. I feel like the popular opinion is just that Converse is the shoe with the big toecap and the star ankle patch.
The "One Star Vintage Suede" Thankfully, it seems that Converse isn't complately abandoning the OG One Star, at least for now. looking at their website, they are selling 3 types of One Stars: the One Star, which is their New version that I am complaining about, the One Star Pro, the CONS skate version, and the "One Star Vintage Suede" which is the One Star that I love and I think should be preserved.
So this is where my 2 main hopes come in. First is the hope that maybe they won't completely abandon the OG One Star sillhouette. But if that's the case, why have 3 separate One Stars? I feel like this is just gonna create more confusion, at least in the first months when the community isn't even quite sure how to differentiate this New One Star with the One Star Vintage. Even then, why call the newer version the "One Star" and change the name of the original version to the "One Star Vintage"? Last time I checked they never changed the name of the OG Chuck Taylor, even though it had suffered insane changes over the years.
My second hope is that the New One Star actually has some advantages compared to the One Star Vintage. Maybe a better insole or something. Coming back to the Chuck 70, I much prefer the modern take on the Chuck 70 due to the memory foam insole, the better insole and the white and black ankle patch. But One Star Vintage just looks so infinitely better for me compared to the new one.
Either way, I don't know what to think because I don't know anything about the New One Star because Converse doesn't say anything and content creators don't care about Converse because Converse doesn't generate views and likes.
But honestly, I'm not optimistic. I don't think we will have 3 different sillhouettes for the One Star available for much longer. Either this New One Star version will fade away or the One Star Vintage will go away. And I fear we will end up losing the One Star Vintage, given how the skater One Star Pro aesthetic is trendy and how the One Star Vintage is 5 dollars more expensive than the others.
My best hope is that I'm overreacting. I guess we'll see.
I don't want the One Star to be changed. It is one of my favorite shoes. But if it is to be changed or abandoned, I just wanted all of you to know and remember it.
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2021.12.05 14:30 fanfictioncurse What would happen if I showed someone MLP best gift ever without context

How would they react
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2021.12.05 14:30 COZYCARD Can someone help me out?

Soooo for some reason avast keeps showing me a web threat called "" and keeps showing me this every few min, what can i do to stop it?
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2021.12.05 14:30 pantherwhitecat U.S. congressman posts family Christmas picture with guns, days after school shooting

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2021.12.05 14:30 Overall_Low_4638 Tianeptine with no tolerance

Will I feel anything noticeable? I don't really use any drugs so I have zero tolerance
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2021.12.05 14:30 felinespaceyy Sign up for webull and get a free stock worth up to 300$! And after successfully signing up I cashapp you 5$! Comment below or message!

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2021.12.05 14:30 matthewjckamp1 Do I need to upgrade my CPU.

I’ve have a suspicion that I may be bottle necking my GPU. I don’t exactly know how to check but I’m running a EVGA 3060ti with a ryzen 5 1500x with stock cooler. The processor is left over from a 1050ti 2017 build before upgrading to a 3060ti. Although the new GPU is loads better then my old one, I just feel I should be getting better results. Should I upgrade my CPU?
Wolfenstein keeps crashing
I bought Wolfenstein youngblood when it first came out as I had loved New Order, Colossus, and Old Blood. I had a 1050ti and it would hardly run. I recently purchased a 3060ti and launched young blood Immediately.
It won't stop crashing. it runs on Mein Leben video settings flawlessly, until I enter a fight and move too fast or a super-soldier activates his jet pack. This couldn't be a graphics issue, right? The 3060ti should handle it?
GPU: Nvidia RTX 3060ti
CPU: Ryzen 5 1500x
PSU: corsair RM750X
RAM: 2 x 8gb 2444mhz
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2021.12.05 14:30 Dev_Donny What is the cause of this and how can I fix it?

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2021.12.05 14:30 AggressiveCake2729 Why do women hardly hit on men in public? Why is it always the other way around?

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2021.12.05 14:30 F-ckisMyFavoriteWord Has anyone ever…

put Whites Tree Frogs and a Ball Python in the same enclosure? I read on the internet (haha) that the snake wouldn’t be interested in eating them because they too are cold blooded, but I wanted to get some anecdotal evidence. Pic of my 🐍 boi exploring his upgraded bioactive enclosure in comments. Banana Pastel Pinstripe BP
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2021.12.05 14:30 Kendrillion What were the prices of GPU before it went up?

I’ve been seeming people Say that GPU prices have gone up since the pandemic hit and I gotta ask what was the price before?
I’m just curious 🤨
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2021.12.05 14:30 K4nono [PC] [DS1] Need help defeating Capra Demon.

This boss is pissing me off so much already. I can't even move because the area is so small and the dogs keep ramming into me. Please help ;-;
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2021.12.05 14:30 Chelseaok Need help talking to my SO about Xmas…

I (33 F) love buying gifts for people. I never plan what I’m going to buy but I look and go to stores until I see something that I think really suits that person or is something that they will really love. I put a lot of thought into it and I enjoy the reactions. Unfortunately I seem to be the only person in my family who wants to think because every year I’m bombarded with “what do you want?” I have a hard time answering that question because I’m fortunate enough to have all my basic needs met and the only things I really want my family doesn’t consider gifts. For example my husband 35M) and I just got into a disagreement because he wants to get me a new phone. Really he wants to upgrade my phone and get my old phone but he wants me to do it all (and end up paying the monthly payment for the upgrade and call it my gift) I told him I don’t mind getting him a new phone but if he wants to get me a gift I’d really like a new vacuum or tires for the car or an oil change- heck he could pay the electric bill and I’d be happy but none of these things are “gifts” to him. So I relented and said I’m almost out of perfume but that wasn’t good enough either. It stresses me out and no matter how much I try to explain that I’d rather focus on gifts for kids or practical purchases he won’t stop insisting on spending a bunch of money on a phone I don’t want or need. It’s starting to hurt my feelings. He says I need to tell him what I want, I tell him what I want, he’s says too bad? I’d like to think he’s coming from a good place and he’s trying to say I deserve more than a vacuum but it’s getting to the point where I’m getting pretty discouraged. Is anyone else dealing with something similar? Anyone got any advice?
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