Triple Bank Shot! - Halo Infinite

2021.12.05 13:59 namelessundead Triple Bank Shot! - Halo Infinite

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2021.12.05 13:59 316jjmck TX failed in Chainge App?

TX failed in Chainge App? I was trying the "earn" feature out on chainge app and I got this message. Anyone know what it means or if i have to do anything?
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2021.12.05 13:59 TouchIntelligent198 Space sweaters is a new community! Join the discord channel to be an early bird. There are daily active 🎁 NFTGiveaways. Link at the comments.

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2021.12.05 13:59 Character_Reach6160 HELP In need of a moisturiser

Every moisturiser I use breaks me out. I have used aveeno, cereva, cetaphil. The only thing that doesn't break me out is vaseline which I apply little every morning after my cleanser. Are there any moisturizers out there?
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2021.12.05 13:59 RepresentativeCut486 Snakepaper. It's not a gif wallpaper. It's real Snake Snakein' itself in the Snakeground. [Plasma]

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2021.12.05 13:59 AltForGAFS2000 What BCG and upper receiver would be clone correct for a MK18 Mod 0?

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2021.12.05 13:59 itsokowo As i held his still body in my arms, i saw the last light of hope drain from his pretty eyes and out his punctured neck

Damn, that was the best meal I've ever had
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2021.12.05 13:59 amonguslover2011 Do you care about valorant "lore"

I personally think having "lore" in any competitive game is very cringe. What about you? Which option would you pick. Choose between. "wooo yeah baby thats what ive been waiting for thats what its all about wooo" or "no". I hope this is long enough to not get deleted.
View Poll
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2021.12.05 13:59 RealTwito AYOO נכנסתי להריון
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2021.12.05 13:59 rejnuufn How do I fix not being able to even get in the lobby?

It puts me into a 15 minute queue evry time and at the end says failed to connect, i have been trying to get into the game for 2 hours of my life now
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2021.12.05 13:59 Cowboy_Yankee Deciding between Soundcore Q35 , Q30 and Sennheiser pxc 550-ii

I need good active noise canceling headphones within $200 (including all taxes and shipping)
I see the above once are on sell and within my budget.
I want to wear them for hours so comfort is a feature I am looking at.
I am going use them either with my MacBook or iPhone so hopefully there is no OS compatibility issues.
My reasons for selecting Sennheiser is the call quality , I have to be on conference quite a bit during the day. Good company.
The soundcore on the other hand seems much more updated like the usb c , the equalizer app seems nice, doesn’t have issues connecting to 2 devices unlike the Sennheiser.
What are your experiences with these? Would love to hear your feedback and if you have any other headphones that you think I should consider. The Bose Q35 is out of stock would have probably gone for it , since it seems to be the gold standard of being comfortable and noise canceling.
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2021.12.05 13:59 blondeanonnurse Preparing to leave my terrible partner, find my career, and become a single Mom. I’m so scared, I want to curl up in a ball and cry. I need to shift my entire life. What advice do you guys have?

Hi guys! I’m realizing more and more that I’m in a mentally abusive relationship. My [F25] husband [M48] has been making me feel so small, putting me down, obsessing over his exes, making me feel ugly, unintelligent and incapable. He has serious trauma that he will never work on because he believes therapy is unhealthy and a scam. He is just terrifying to me now, and I want to find a way to leave. I have to leave this situation, but I’m scared. I had a decent enough modeling career while I was in college, and then I became pregnant with my first (I have two beautiful daughters, a 3 year old and a 6 month old). Motherhood has since been my passion, and I still don’t know what I “want to do with my life”… I have dreamed of designing my own jewelry and working with marketing and commerce, but that feels so far away and impossible if I leave. I have to take care of my girls and focus on giving them a good childhood, I have no idea how to do that right now without help. I’m considering going back to school for a business degree, but that will take years. I’ve thought about trying to gain skill and make it as a copywriter or with e-commerce while I’m in school to support them. Sometimes I think I should stay while I get this off the ground and then leave. Either way I do anticipate government assistance, etc. I know I can’t do it all on my own right away. It just feels like a lot to swallow all at once.
I guess I’m just looking for advice. Have any of you guys been in a situation like this and been able to rise higher?
I’m sorry if this isn’t the right subreddit. I’m crying as I write this because it has me fully realizing the vision of having my own little place with my girls and a job that supports them, fulfills me and my needs, and allows me to be fully present in their lives, maybe someday travel with them, is making me feel so relieved, yet my reality seems so far from that.
Thank you so much to anyone who read this and has given the time to respond. P.s. tagging this as mindset shift because I wasn’t sure what else to tag it as.
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2021.12.05 13:59 Teh_Bathman Looking for an audio repair shop near Aundh area

I own a HK SoundSticks II. The Bluetooth connectivity is malfunctioning. Any decent audio stores to get it repaired? Willing to travel to a store further away if required.
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2021.12.05 13:59 TomorrowOutrageous19 I am fucked

I have my maths exam tomorrow , yup boards and I haven't studied shit. only me ? Okei 🥲. Guess who is gonna fail tomorrow ( This is my first post)
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2021.12.05 13:59 Emperor_Nail The MCC19 Teal Turkeys: An Analysis and a Guide to Victory

The MCC19 Teal Turkeys: An Analysis and a Guide to Victory The MCC19 Teal Turkeys: An Analysis and a Guide to Victory
Hello, everyone! Welcome back to my analysis and guides to victory for every team. Here I go over every MCC team and analyze them, look at their players, their best games, and give tips on how I believe they can win.
There will be links to every guide down below as they come out, so if you wanna check a specific one out, you can go there!
With that, let’s get to the team!
Alright, here’s the one I was excited to talk about. Here, we have the Teal Turkeys! This team is comprised of Sapnap, Ph1lza, TommyInnit, and Sneegsnag. They have an average of… 9,764. Nine thousand seven hundred and sixty four. Just to put that into perspective, that is higher than MCC18’s Orange Oozes’s average by around 200 coins. That is insane. This puts them in first by a pretty massive margin over the Red Reindeer, beating them out by nearly 500 coins…
Things are a bit more even if we look at their “last event” scores though, aka the method that Scott uses. There, this team earns 9,565, which is still insane. They’re only beat out by the absolutely disgusting last event score of the Emerald Elves, while now placing above the Yellow Yetis.
I have a lot to say about this team, but in order to do that, I need to get into each player individually.
The first player up is Sapnap, and he’s quite insane. He last participated in MCC18 where he placed 2nd, earning 3,181 coins. His team also went on to win the entire event, making Sapnap a three-time winner.
His overall average is 3,013 which is pretty crazy in itself, but he also has the highest Season 2 average of any player. In this season, he has an average of 3,279 and an average placement of 4th place, but his most prestigious title might be that he is none other than Technoblade’s favorite streamer.
His best event came, of course, in MCC15 where he managed to get 1st place and break 4k coins, earning 4,223 coins. This gave him the 2nd highest score of all time, just behind Technoblade’s MCC4 run. His team went on to win the entire event, giving Sapnap his second win.
To put it simply though, Sapnap is insane. He is up there as one of, if not the best PvP player in the entire event. Don’t let me tell you though. I’ll just let the stats speak for themselves. He ranks 1st in Survival Games, 1st in Battle Box, and 2nd in Sky Battle. Yes, he literally places 1st in 2/3 of the PvP games while placing 2nd in the other. Those are some insane statistics and if we look at his individual performances, he’s seriously able to perform like this consistently. Very few times has Sapnap flopped in a PvP game, so it’s safe to say that he’s among the best in this category.
Movement isn’t quite as phenomenal, but it’s still very good for him. He places 3rd in Hole in the Wall, 3rd in TGTTOS, 7th in Ace Race, and 6th in Parkour Tag. These are some great stats and while he’s not quite as consistent as he is with PvP, Sapnap is still undoubtedly a top player in these games. Of course, you’ll need to take these stats with a small grain of salt because a lot of the top players here like Fundy, Fruit, and Illumina aren’t present, but even if they were, Sapnap would still rank very high.
Team games are also quite strong for him with the exception of Build Mart. That is easily Sapnap’s worst game by a fairly large margin. Now, he did get 1st in the last event here, but he also was supported by very strong Build Mart players in Sylvee and Smajor. Sapnap doesn’t have that kind of team this time, so I don’t think he’ll be able to perform to quite the same extent.
However, the other team games are quite good for him. He ranks 11th in Grid Runners and 9th in Sands of Time, making him a very strong player here. This is largely thanks to Sapnap’s surprisingly good comms, though his chaotic nature can sometimes mess with things. Still, I’d say on average, Sapnap’s comms and performance in these games are quite good.
Overall, Sapnap is great. He does incredibly well in both movement and especially PvP games, while being able to hold his own in most team games. He’s a great leader and a player in his own right, and with such a strong team backing him up, I’m sure he can do well.
Next up is none other than Mr. Minecraft himself. He last participated in MCC18 where he placed… 30th? Uh… okay… there, he earned 1,723 coins. He has an overall average of 2,400 coins, while his Season 2 stats are a… 1,856 coins and an average of 26th place?? That is a shocking large disparity.
His best event came in MCC12 though where he placed 2nd with 3,160 coins. His team went on to win the entire event, giving Phil his second win.
Now, the reason I sound so confused is because if you were around for Season 1, you’ll know that Phil was genuinely in contention for S-Tier. He was up there with the likes to TapL and Sapnap as players in genuine contention to be on par with the top tiers of the event.
In fact, to emphasize just how different his Season 1 stats are to his Season 2 stats, his lowest placement from MCCs 1 to 13 is 25th place. That means that his Season 2 average placement is lower than his lowest placement of Season 1.
So why? Phil is one of the most interesting cases of something like this in the event, so I wanna do a little quick deep dive into why this might be the case and why I think this genuinely might be the event where Phil finds his footing again.
So, just to clarify, Phil is not a bad player. I would still genuinely say he’s a top 20 player with potential for top 10, but there are quite a few factors why he hasn’t been performing as well. First of all, the removal of Rocket Spleef possibly hit Philza the most out of any player. This was undoubtedly one of his best games and while he only ranks 5th overall, he was absolutely one of the best players in the entire event here. Because this was removed from the rotation, Phil lost one of his best games and thus, his stats took a massive hit from it.
The second is that he’s generally just on teams that underperform. Pink 14 was a team that partially played for fun, Green 15 was a team that had a lot of communication problems, Red 16… happened, Blue 17 was a team that massively underperformed, and Red 18 was a team that also really underperformed.
All of these underperformance are not purely Phil’s faults. Yes, he himself has also been underperforming, but there are other factors whether it be poor team comms or his other teammates also underperforming that really brings Phil’s stats down.
Finally, he just hasn’t been on a team with the right leader since the start of Season 2. His teams have either been led by Tommy or have been led by himself, and I genuinely don’t think this works right now. Phil and Tommy have very different playstyles, and I feel they don’t mesh together well when Tommy leads. Phil plays best when he plays as the right hand man to a leader, and with Sapnap now on his team, I think that he genuinely can do very well.
But let’s get to how Phil performs in each game on average. Now, as I said before, his Season 2 stats really drag down his stats, and that somewhat extends to the games as well. I will make a note though with certain games where I think Phil would normally place had he not been underperforming as of late.
His best games are without a doubt movement games. He ranks 2nd in Hole in the Wall, 12th in TGTTOS, and 8th in Ace Race. He doesn’t do quite as well in Parkour Tag, but he does have moments where he can shine like his insane hunting round against the Aqua Axolotls in MCCAS.
He also does quite decently in Survival Games. He has decent stats in both Battle Box and Survival Games, but it’s worth noting that his stats in Battle Box are way lower than his actual skillset implies. Phil actually has the most 1st places, getting 1st individually in this game in MCCs 6, 8, and 10. Despite some rather poor performances recently, I genuinely think Phil is one of the best players in this game… which is why it’s so weird how poorly he usually performs in Sky Battle.
Sky Battle is one of his worst games as he gets incredibly tunnel visioned. Now, in all fairness, Phil is capable of doing well in this team under the right leader, and with Sapnap being a top player in this game, I think he’ll be able to perform above his usual performance.
Finally, he does fairly decently in team games as well. Sands of Time is actually quite a good game for him, but he’s really held back by the amount of times his teams just get really unlucky and get locked in. In particular, MCCs 8, 11, and 17 are examples of times where his teams just don’t do well. Phil himself is a good runner himself though, and I do think he can do well on this team.
Grid Runners is another fairly mixed game for him, but one where I think he can do well in. His placements here are 3rd, 8th, 9th, and 2nd if we’re counting All-Stars. Clearly, while he’s had some bad results in the past, he’s still capable of doing well here.
Build Mart is one of his worst games though, with Phil usually placing in the bottom half. That being said, it is worth noting that Phil very rarely actually gets good Build Mart teams anyway, and given Phil’s communication and Minecraft experience, I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility for Phil to do well in this game. He just needs the right team.
Overall, despite some poor performances in Season 2, Phil is an incredibly well rounded player who can do very well. With him finally being teamed with an S-Tier, I think now is the time for Phil to return to his former glory.
The next member of this team is Tommy! He last played in MCC18 where he placed 19th with 2,157 coins. Now, I’ll get more into Tommy’s Season 2 performances a bit later, but for now, just know that this isn’t too far off from his usual placements. To be fair, Tommy is a bit inconsistent, either placing in the 20 to 15 range or the top 10, but that range of placements isn’t the wildest thing in the world.
He has an average of 2,380 coins. This is quite good, and is somewhat of a fair average in comparison to his actual skill. His Season 2 average is lower at 2,182 coins and 19th place, but Tommy also hasn’t really had the chance to pop off this season yet.
Now, let me get to what makes Tommy such a fascinating player to analyze. There are two sections to this part: “How the Reddit Perceives Tommy vs How He Actually Performs” and “Why Tommy Hasn’t Been Given Strong Teams.”
Starting with the first point, this subreddit has been claiming that Tommy’s been underperforming as of late. While that is true for MCC16 where he placed 32nd, his other placements are 9th, 17th, 18th, and 19th. For all intents and purposes, those are relatively close to how he performed on average in Season 1 as well.
For some reason, a large portion of this sub thinks that Tommy used to be a top 10 player when he was inconsistent in that regard. For perspective, from MCCs 8 to 13, Tommy placed 19th, 8th, 26th (though this was the time he was teamed with Pokimane), 5th, 18th, and 17th. So clearly, Tommy hasn’t been necessarily underperforming. People just tend to pay more attention to when Tommy pops off.
Now, don’t get me wrong, Tommy can legitimately get top 10. I genuinely think he is very much capable of it and has the skills to pull it off, but other than that not necessarily being his average, one major factor why he hasn’t been performing well is because his teams are just… kinda weirdly built.
Now, this is no disrespect towards Scott, but for some reason, Tommy is treated like an S-Tier. The only other player who consistently gets given teams like an S-Tier that isn’t one is HBomb, and that’s for good reason. You can check out u/GermBurglar007 and their latest post for a more in-depth look at this. It’s an incredibly well written post and I would 100% recommend you guys give it a read, but basically, Tommy gets given team where they act like they’re meant to balance him out as if he had the stats of someone like Dream.
This could be because Tommy is such a wild card, but that also leads him to having some statistically weak teams that don’t have the strength to really keep up with the rest of the event. To clarify though, this isn’t always the case. MCC17 and obviously MCC19 are clear examples of Tommy not being treated as such, but it is still a thing that happens occasionally.
But despite all of that, as I’ve said before, I think Tommy is a genuinely good player. I also think he’s a good leader, but he really plays his best when either supporting a stronger player like Technoblade, or when leading a team that works well with him like in MCC14 or 11. Tommy really hasn’t had that kind of team this team recently aside from arguably MCC17, but even then, the team underperformed to a small extent.
But enough of that. Let’s get to how Tommy performs in the games. As I said, Tommy is still a great player capable of keeping up with some of the best in the event. This is most seen in Sky Battle where he actually ranks 5th. This is largely thanks to his smart but risky plays, helping him garner a high amount of kills. He is also a genuinely amazing leader in this game and I think that this is the game where he really pops off the most.
As for the other PvP games, Tommy also really excels at Survival Games. Here, he ranks 7th, and we got to see what he could really do in MCC14. He is very much capable of holding his own and making smart plays all while keeping his team in check. He and Sapnap potentially make the scariest duo for this game in this event, so we’ll have to see how he does. As for Battle Box, while Tommy doesn’t always do well here, it is still a very good game for him. He actually ranks quite low, but with a strong PvP team this time, I know Tommy can do very well.
Movement is another set of games where Tommy usually does quite well. Tommy ranks 15th here, but he usually finds himself in the top 10 to top 15 range. After more practice with Space Race though, I think Tommy can do consistently well in all three of the maps. He also does quite decently in Parkour Tag and Hole in the Wall, but he isn’t quite as consistent.
TGTTOS is his best movement game though, ranking 9th in this event. This goes all the way back to his Hypixel days where he has shown incredible bridging, as well as movement in general. I’d honestly say this is one of his best games, and with such a strong movement team with him, there’s nowhere to go for his stats but up.
Team games are where things start to get a little bit shaky though. He does well in Grid Runners, ranking 12th, with his placements being 3rd, 1st, 9th, and 2nd if we count All-Stars. Clearly, aside from MCC18, Tommy is very good at this game.
Things sort of translate in Sands of Time, but I’d honestly consider this one of his weakest games. He’s not bad by any means, but he’s also not very confident in himself. He’s actually quite good at making decisions and assessing risks, but he doesn’t feel enough confidence in himself to carry out a lot of the harder tasks. That being said, he has had some stand out performances in the past and I do know he can do good.
Build Mart though really is not a good game for him. Tommy can do well here, but he needs the right team. This is one of his worst games by far, and since he has a very weak team for this game, I don’t think he’ll do super well this event.
As a whole though, Tommy is clearly a great player. He ranks high in several games, only really held back by a little bit of inconsistency in certain areas. With a strong leader and player like Sapnap backing him up though, I think he can do exceptionally well.
The final member of this team is Sneeg, one of my favorite newcomers this season. His last event was MCC18 where he actually placed 12th with 2,504. This was also his best performance to date. His overall average is 1,971 coins and 23rd place, but take those stats with a grain of salt.
He’s only played in two events, with his first event being on the MCC17 Blue Bats, an event where his team as a whole severely underperformed. I would absolutely say that MCC18 is much closer to his actual skills given his experience with Minecraft.
Because he’s had such little experience in MCC, I don’t have quite as much to say about Sneeg as a whole compared to my entire novels about Phil and Tommy, but I think Sneeg is a very good player overall who’s stats don’t really do him justice. As such, while I will be giving some statistics, I’ll place more emphasis on his MCC18 results.
That being said, his best games are probably movement, but it’s also worth noting that he could potentially be better at PvP given his Minecraft experience and the fact that he’s only either been on below average PvP teams like in MCC18 or teams that didn’t get a chance to do well in PvP games like MCC17.
Anyway, as for movement, his best is likely Ace Race. He ranks 9th in this game, having placed 11th and 12th both times. Now, it’s worth noting that he’s only ever played on Python’s Crypt, but given how well he did in his first ever playthrough of the game, I think it’s safe to say that he’s going to be able to consistently do well here.
Hole in the Wall is much more mixed though. His two placements here are literally 39th and 7th, so those are two drastically different results. That being said, I do think the latter is much closer to how he’ll do. He had understood the game much more after this and had learned how to deal with the walls better.
As for TGTTOS, he does pretty decently here. He places in the top 25 both times he’s played, so at worst I think Sneeg is just okay here.
Team games are… rather mixed though. Grid Runners and Build Mart have similar results, with his team doing poorly in MCC17 but doing quite well in MCC18. Both times, Sneeg played a key role in helping his team communicate and work together well, and I could see him doing quite well in both of these games.
His worst game statistically though is absolutely Sands of Time, but again, please take this with a grain of salt. He’s placed dead last here the two times he’s played it, but both were incredibly unlucky runs. MCC17 had Phil just barely miss the window to place the sand while in MCC18, his team just… couldn’t find sand at all and were forced to bank way too early. I don’t think Sneeg is terrible at this game. Given his Minecraft knowledge and game sense, I could actually see him being quite a competent runner, but as is, his stats really just tank in this game.
As a whole though, Sneeg’s stats really don’t do him justice. Maybe more so than any other player honestly. He’s the most confusing addition to this cast as a team of Sapnap, Phil, and Tommy would surely warrant a weaker teammate, right?
Sneeg is the perfect example of why averages and stats don’t always perfectly represent a player. His very limited data makes it incredibly difficult to justify his rankings in each game aside from Ace Race, and I genuinely think he could get top 10 on the right team.
Game Rankings:
Alright, now we get to the rankings! Here, I go over where this team places in each game, give their average score, and explain briefly why those stats might be the way they are.
Battle Box
This team actually places 2nd here with 1,303 coins, just five coins behind Red and only seven coins ahead of Emerald. Honestly, this team could be stronger than Red just by nature of having four extremely strong PvP players, but this one is admittedly one of the closest top 3s. Still, this is an incredibly strong game for them that they should aim to play late.
Sky Battle
Despite some rather poor stats from Phil and Sneeg’s mediocre results from his only Sky Battle, Tommy and Sapnap’s stats are so insanely high that this team still places 1st by a pretty significant margin. They earn 1,348 coins, placing above the Emerald elves by nearly 150 coins. This is without a doubt one of their best games and one to look out for.
Survival Games
Here, this team places 2nd, but by a fairly large margin. They earn 1,280 coins, placing 99 coins below the Red Reindeer but nearly 150 coins above the Ginger Breadmen. This is largely because of Sapnap and Tommy having great stats here, with Sapnap placing 1st in this game. Sneeg and Phil though have very mixed results, which is what places them below Red. Still, this team absolutely wouldn’t mind a Survival Games finale.
Ace Race
This team earns an astounding 1,414 coins, beating out Red by over 200 coins. This might be the single most dominant 1st places I’ve seen using these stats. This is largely because Sapnap, Phil, and Sneeg have very good stats here with Tommy very close behind. This is probably the game this team wants to have played later the most.
Here, this team once again places 1st with 1,192 coins. This places them above the Emerald Elves by exactly 40 coins. This is once again thanks to Sapnap having great stats here, with Phil, Tommy, and Sneeg having above average results here as well. I honestly can see this team taking several team bonuses, and with the coin changes making TGTTOS much more team based, this team has a huge advantage in this game.
Hole in the Wall
Yeah, this team places 1st here again. They earn 1,260 coins, beating out Ginger by 65 coins. This is thanks to Phil and Sapnap ranking 2nd and 3rd in this event respectively, with Tommy having good results here as well. Sneeg has mixed results, but his results in MCC18 prove him to be a very good player in this game as well.
Parkour Tag
This team places 2nd here, earning 1,110 coins, placing below the Red Reindeer by over 200 coins, which is a margin that’s even bigger than Teal’s lead over them in Ace Race. They also place just above Purple. However, take this stat with a grain of salt as Sneeg has never played Parkour Tag, so the stats don’t necessarily reflect how they’ll do and I could see them either going up or down. Still, this is probably a strong game for them, but potentially not quite as strong as the ones that I’ve mentioned.
Grid Runners
And as we enter team games, we see Teal finally starting to lose steam. Here, they place 4th with 1,050 coins. Sapnap and Tommy kinda carry this team here, but Phil and Sneeg have also had some very good results. This team is actually quite good at this game, but they don't have the same firepower in this game as they do in the other games, combined with the fact that the teams above them are really cracked at this game.
Build Mart
And unsurprisingly, this is their worst game… and by a pretty significant margin. They place 9th here, earning only 870 coins. They place above the Sapphire Santas, but below the Purple Penguins by nearly 60 coins. Everyone on this team has at best, below average stats in this game. However, I’ll get to why I don’t think this is as big of a problem as some people might think. Still, they wanna aim to have this game played earlier if possible.
Sands of Time
Finally, we have Sands of Time, and this is where I think you’d have to take a bit of a grain of salt. They place 4th in this game, earning 1,090 coins and placing above the Yellow Yetis but below the Emerald Elves. This is largely because of Sneeg placing 10th in this game both times he’s played, and that’s precisely why I think they can outdo this score. Still, with Tommy not always being confident in himself, Sapnap taking risky plays that don’t always pan out, and Phil sometimes not communicating well with his team, this one might be saved for later.
When taking the average placement they have in each game, this team unsurprisingly comes out at 1st with an average placement of 2.7. This places them above the Red Reindeer by 1.2 spots, a pretty insane lead.
This team really is comfortable with any game except for Build Mart, their glaring weakness. That is really the only game they want played later, alongside probably Grid Runners, Sands of Time, and potentially Parkour Tag as those, while still good games for them, aren’t quite as strong as their other games.
Now, as I’ve looked at posts in this sub for a while, that Build Mart weakness is something everyone’s treating like their Achilles’ Heel. Considering this is the team with the most discussion around it, I wanna talk about this for a bit. There are a few key factors why I don’t think that it’s as big of a problem, all coming down to game order. For one, out of the ten teams in this event, only really four want it played later. Ginger, Yellow, Pink, and Mint are all teams good at this game. However, six likely don’t want it. If you don’t include Sapphire who are likely impartial to it, then you still have five teams who want it out early. So there is a good likelihood it gets played in the first half.
But let’s say it doesn’t get voted in the first half. Well, the key then are the Emerald Elves. Of all the games they don’t want to play, Build Mart is probably on the top of that list. They basically control the votes, with them having four very big streamers. With Dream realizing in MCCAS that having it voted is the best course of action, there is an incredibly high chance it gets chosen as the audience vote, allowing Teal to dominate in the 6th, 7th, and 8th games.
This team is looking to have… really any of the other six games in rotation be played later. They might want to prioritize Hole in the Wall, Sky Battle, and especially Ace Race, but as a whole, this team really is comfortable having any of the games I didn’t mention already also later on.
Unsurprisingly, this team is cracked. While I don’t think they’re guaranteed to make Dodgebolt, I’d be surprised to not see them there. Literally Phil and Tommy can both underperform or do as well as they did last event (being 30th and 19th respectively), and so long as Sneeg and Sapnap do the same as they did last time, they still probably make it to Dodgebolt. This team has a lot of potential and I’m very excited to see how they perform.
I also apologize for the very long post lol. Compared to the others, this team definitely has the most discussion around it, and as such, I wanted to talk about some of the topics of discussion that I’ve seen in this sub. Not to mention how interesting cases Tommy and Phil are as players.
Thanks so much for reading! Please note that not everything I say is going to be 100% correct. While I do a lot of research for these posts, I’m inevitably going to get some information wrong. I simply do not have the time to watch the individual VODs of all four members on a team, but I try to take certain segments and analyze them as much as I can. If you see anything wrong, please feel free to let me know!
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The MCC19 Ginger Breadmen: An Analysis and a Guide to Victory
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The MCC19 Cerulean Candy Canes: An Analysis and a Guide to Victory (COMING SOON)
The MCC19 Purple Penguins: An Analysis and a Guide to Victory (COMING SOON)
The MCC19 Pink Presents: An Analysis and a Guide to Victory (COMING SOON)
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2021.12.05 13:59 GoodMoleman2You RIP Bob Dole. Hopefully he is exchanging simple protein strands in a better place

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2021.12.05 13:59 SingleLonelyGuy 26M - Unbearable loneliness. Need long term text/voice call partners

I'm up for anything, casual talk, giving and receiving emotional support, relationship advice, talking about mental health issues, or anything to dispel the loneliness and boredom etc.
I'm just severely lonely and in need of friends.
We all need love and someone to ask us how our day went about.
I prefer 18+ people. Any timezone. I'm from India but I have erratic sleep timings. Also, I speak fluent English, that won't be a problem.
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