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2021.12.05 14:26 throwaway06601 Is loose stool ‘technically’ less bad than hard stool?

The title, weird question I know, but I know everyone here isn’t judgmental! We’re all going through this. So I know that diarrhea, especially when prolonged, can absolutely cause fissures. But in terms of episodic bouts of it (for example, trying to decide whether or not to add in some extra prunes to a meal or what not to ward off constipation at the potential cost of looser stool) is occasional diarrhea technically less bad for fissures and re-tears?
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2021.12.05 14:26 DukeAlbertTheGR8 Hi all. A full time dad and part time musician here - sharing with you my album of piano lullabies, simple tunes I play for my children at bedtime. looking to find some more audience for them. (links to spotify etc in the comments)

Hi all. A full time dad and part time musician here - sharing with you my album of piano lullabies, simple tunes I play for my children at bedtime. looking to find some more audience for them. (links to spotify etc in the comments) submitted by DukeAlbertTheGR8 to Wigan [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 14:26 Gfreak22 We never knew we'd happen across such a hip, new, and innovative factory on our trip! This place is Bussin, Heinsenberg!

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2021.12.05 14:26 ATL-DELETE Geometry and alignment question

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2021.12.05 14:26 Hedges_Poggers We're about to fight Mecha Sonic

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2021.12.05 14:26 MaddenMike Creality Silent Mainboard V4.2.7 for sale

If you need a v4.2.7 mainboard, let me know. I have one for sale. I'm in Green Cove at the moment but work in N Jax so flexible on where to meet. Thanks!
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2021.12.05 14:26 PrimaryConcept9325 Labswap ⚗️$LAB | Low Market Cap | DeFi Platform Release 24th December 17:00pm ‎(UTC) | Organic Grow | Next x100 | Huge Potential | 0% Tax fee | Don't miss this rocket $LAB 🚀

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🧫With our yield farm, you will be able to get more benefit from your Labswap. Because our token ($LAB) is not exploitable, we may adopt a dual token mechanism and use an alternative token to make profits.
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The token was launched with an initial 10B (billions) tokens 0% Tax fee
We are already launched on pancakeswap!
$LAB: 0xa36dcff099e7ef8577601448bc60890dd50fa45f
Token symbol: LAB
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● 60% for Liquidity :. 6,000,000,000
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2021.12.05 14:26 Izzybug03 Scalpers

I’m so annoyed lol all I wanted was the big foot squishmallows but of course, scalpers in groups of 2 and 6 went and got every. Single. One. Actual vultures! This is also a reminder to NOT buy from resellers bc it’s just gonna make them do it again.
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2021.12.05 14:26 sexy_balloon Anyone know what this is?

Circled red in this image, on the rooftop of the building
I’m looking at getting the unit right below this thing, but am wondering if this is a huge hvac unit and it’s gonna be super noisy especially from the unit’s balcony which is right beneath it
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2021.12.05 14:26 matchasweetmonster The forth film about Antoine Doinel and is it the funniest?

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2021.12.05 14:26 crytoloover Как сделать 1000 иксов без вложений. SOLANIUM и инструкция как участвовать в IDO на этой площадке

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2021.12.05 14:26 Zaedin0001 MMK Lore Post #6: Non-Directional Thief

This post was originally posted to support the 2037 Main Post. This entry focuses on Edward as he attempts to get to his friend in Wan’an, only to be intercepted by a certain thief which turns his life upside down.
Note: This post is extremely long, like almost breaking the character limit long. Please only read if you have the time to commit to reading it in full.
”We are now at, WAN’AN. Passengers wishing to disembark or transfer to Line 15, please get ready to exit via the left side doors.”
‘Ah the Chengdu Metro, a lovely little subway system that runs throughout the city. It also appears that they opened Line 15 at some-point during the year so that is lovely. Alright lets see if I have all my stuff in order. Suitcase? Check, Backpack? Check, Book? also Check. Alright that should be everything crucial for me.’ Edward Inglis is currently heading to meet up with one of his old friends in the form of Yun Sizhe, who also acts as his source in the city of Chengdu. Edward left his hotel shortly after completing his entry on the year of 2036 in his “Chronicle of the History of China”, a book he is actively writing. ‘I hope he doesn’t mind that I show up an hour early, though this is Yun I’m talking about here so he probably won’t.’ Edward proceeds to exit the station via Exit D, quickly making a Right as he proceeds up the Hongshan Slope.
The area that Yun Sizhe lives in didn’t exist in its current form a decade ago, being mostly farmlands and tiny villages that sat South of the Fourth Ring. One of the larger of these communities was the town of Wan’an, which was a relatively large community for its size, however when the PRC (When they still controlled all of China) established the Tianfu New Area to the south, it basically signalled the end to these various southern towns. With a need to develop further south in-order to connect Chengdu proper and the newly created Tianfu, the local city government began a rapid demolition and repurposing campaign, turning many of these villages and rural towns into large urban apartment complexes and communities which was further fuelled by the rapid growth of the Chinese Housing Market. Wan’an was one of the last villages to be fully demolished, with the area due to its relatively uneven terrain. The area would be gridded out and Line 6 was constructed however when the PRC lost control of China and the Shu took over Sichuan in the chaos, a different plan was made for the area, turning it into a large suburban housing complex that will surround both Wan’an and Pucaotanv stations while Commercial development was kept on the extremely busy Lushan Avenue towards the south. Yun lives on-top of one of these hills, with the path up to he being called Hongshan Slope.
As Edward proceeds up the gentle slope, he continues to think about his situation at the moment. ‘Alright, after I spend the night at Yun’s, I’ll head to Tianfu tomorrow, then take the 1 the following day so I can get back to Chengdu proper, then take the over-night train to Chongqing, sounds like a plan. I also have to keep an eye out for that bloody woman who keeps following me, not like she is right now, as I fled my hotel via the back and made 12 transfers so she couldn’t figure out where I was going.’ While Edward is busying having a conversation to himself inside his head, he doesn’t notice that a blonde haired woman is walking directly towards him from down the slope. Just as Edward hits Xinyu Nan 1st Road, he looks up to notice the girl, which causing him to freeze in place and start running along Xinyu Nan 1st Road towards the South.
‘HOW THE FUCK DID SHE KNOW I WAS COMING HERE?’ The woman, who is now in hot pursuit of Edward, who has by this point abandoned his suitcase on the side of the road as he ran for Ding’an Road, another road in the area just south of the road he was previously on, is actually the same woman who has been trying to steal his book for the past few weeks. Edward will eventually need to decide how he plans to lose his pursuer, however for now he proceeds to make a left onto Ding’an Road, running up the hill, eventually getting to Xinyu Nan 2nd Road where he makes another left, however he is eventually got by the thief who leaps at him just before he can make it back to Hejing 4th Street, dragging him to the ground. ‘How is she so damn fast?’ Edward silently complains to himself as he attempts to wrangle the girl off of his body. “I’ve finally got you, now hand over the book or I’ll just ho- OWWWW!” Edward proceeds to kick her in the stomach as he proceeds up Hejing 4th Street, attempting to get to Xinyu Nan 3rd Road, which is the road Yun lives on, however just before he can get to the intersection he is once again tackled by the Thief, as the two roll over each other, with the thief on-top of Yun.
“You aren’t escaping this time, now hand over the bo-“ She quickly stops herself as she notices something up ahead, and without warning rolls herself along with Edward off the sidewalk and into a small ditch off of the road as a red sports car speeds down Xinyu Nan 3rd Road, passing the intersection, and stopping in-front of a house on the side of the road. As the Thief pokes her head above the ditch, she notices two women exiting the vehicle wearing rabbit ears and putting on some sort of Tall Hat, which causes the Thief to become completely surprised. She also becomes aware that Edward has managed to free himself from her leg’s grip, however before he can try and escape she pushes him down with her hand in an effort to keep him from getting up. “Oi let me go you bloody wo-“ “Keep it down will ya? I don’t want you to give away our location to those two.” The thief quickly puts her other hand around Edward’s mouth as she continues to watch the two women approach the house and knock on the door. She then sees a man opening the door and having a brief conversation she can’t hear before the two of them enter the house, only then does she take her hand off Edward’s Mouth. “Jesus Christ woman you need to stop doing that, now can you let me go I have to meet with a friend later and no I’m not giving you the book.”
The thief doesn’t respond, instead she gets out of the ditch and begins to walk towards the car, Edward also notices and try to walk towards Yun’s house, which he knows is near the intersection, however when he finally sees Yun’s, he realises that he has been following the Thief for all this time, and that a red sports car sits in-front of it. The thief notices Edward behind her and turns to him. “I thought you were trying to runaway? Why are you following me here?” Edward is a bit baffled about this, considering he was heading here to visit his friend Yun. “Following you? I’m outside my destination that I’ve been going towards all day, just to visit a friend of min-“ “Wait, you’re implying that this house is owned by your friend, yes?” Edward becomes a bit suspicious of the thief, but answers her anyway in the hopes that she would leave him alone. “Yeah it is, why are you so curious about that?” The thief just looks at Edward before pulling out something from her pocket and turning back to the sports car. She uses the thing she has to then unlock the driver’s side door to the car. She gets inside the vehicle and opens a compartment on the passengers side, finding a file of some sorts. As she gets the file Edward attempts to continue on towards the house, however the Thief notices this and attempts to stop him. “Hey, I wouldn’t recommend doing that, the people who own this car are pretty bad and will probably end up hurting you.” Edward turns around to see the Thief now exiting the car with the folder in hand. “Yeah, and why not? How exactly can I trust whatever the hell you say when you have been for the past few years chasing after me and trying to steal my book, which is one of the only things I truly value in life.” She just looks at him before seeing the name of the file itself, before readdressing Edward. “Well you should trust my advice because this file apparently has your name on the very front of it, and I only just got this file from inside that car.”
Edward is completely baffled by this revelation. ‘What? How in the world is that even possible, as I don’t even know who owns this car. I know Yun doesn’t own it because he uses public transit to commute on a daily basis or hires a taxi, so who the hell has a file on everything about me?’ The thief then proceeds to open the file, finding out about some information relating to Edward contained in the file, however apparently they don’t know what Edward looks like as no picture of him is in the file. However what is in the file is the names off every single person he has probably ever interacted with, from family members, to close friends, to even some distant strangers. Every person in the file has apparently been viewed as a possible ‘source’ as the file calls them for Edward, which the Thief believes is for his book. “Edward, I believe you should step away from the house completely.” Edward decides to just do as she asks, stepping back towards the Thief as she continues to look over the file. “Who exactly owns this house Edward?” “Why should I tell you that, I’m not ju-…” he quickly notices her angry expression and just answers her honestly. “Yun Sizhe, he’s been living here for the past few years and has been helping me has one of my sources.” Marisa quickly scrolls through all the papers in the file until she finds the one on Yun Sizhe. “Edward I highly recommend we move, I can get us to Tianfu, where we’ll have a lot to ta-“ “Why exactly should I listen to you on this? In practically every single encounter with you I’ve had, you’ve been trying to steal my precious book, so why exactly should I not ju- HEY STOP CHUCKLING OVER THERE!” He notices the Thief just laughing a bit at Edward’s last sentence, which she stops after a few moments so she can reply. “Oh sorry about that, you’re just reminding me of someone I know.” She appears to be genuine about that statement so Edward doesn’t retort. “Anyway, I believe that it is very likely that Yun is dead, probably killed by the two people who own th-“ “DEAD? Alright you’re just crazy, why exactly do you think that my friend is dead? The thief just stares back at Edward before pulling out a piece of paper from the file, one that relates to a Ma Luoli before handing the paper to Edward. “Just read this quickly, then you’ll know why you should assume that he’s dead Edward.” Edward takes the paper, only to notice that it relates to another one of his sources, one he hasn’t been able to get in contact with for some time. ‘What the hell… why is a paper on Ma Laoshi (Teacher or Lecturer) in here?’
*MA LUOYI (马萝丽)
RELATION TO MAIN TARGET: Former Teacher, Confirmed Source of Info
STATUS: Purfifed
Notes: Was being monitored for sometime by the Department of Internal Affairs for potentially giving information about the operation of the state to external individuals. She later attempted to flee the state after her citizenship was revoked by Department 17 for acts of Treason. She revealed the identity of who has control over ‘Book α’ as Edward Inglis. After giving up this information, she was rewarded with purification. Upon her purification she was transferred to Nanning to help further the state.
Final Recommendation: The report recommends that all individuals who have been known to actively communicate with Inglis should be tracked down so locating Inglis can be done. All those that do cooperate should be rewarded with purification if its possible for them to be moved to Yue, if it isn’t possible or if they refuse to cooperate then they should be exterminated like the Impurities they are.
Signed- Operative Zo*
“This… this is completely insane…” Edward is completely horrified upon reading this file, with many questions quickly circling around in his head. ‘What the fuck is “purification”? Why exactly are these people coming after me? What the fuck is a Book α? Who the hell are these people and why are they rel-‘ “Edward you need to calm the hell down alright? I know this is probably causing you to freak out and stuff but it will all be f-“ “Not freak out? NOT FREAK OUT?!HAHAHA OH YOU ARE JUST RICH GIRL, OF COURSE I AM FREAKING OUT! I MEAN WHO WOULDN’T WHEN YOU LEA- Jesus Christ why did you slap me?” The Thief just slapped Edward, snapping him out of his loud diatribe. “Seriously, you need to chill and calm the fuck down alright?” She then just holds Edward in a bit of a rough embrace, which gives him some time to soak everything in, finally after some time the Thief lets go of Edward. “Alright we need to move, likely they’ll now know that you and by extension the Book is on its way to this location.” The thief then proceeds to walk back to the ditch, with Edward following behind. “Oh, you’re gonna want to stand back for a moment, I’m going to need to buy us some time.” Edward walks further into the ditch towards its Western Exit, while the girl now stands facing Yun’s house. “When you hear the car explode, run as fast as you can back to Lushan Dadao (Avenue), I’ll meet you by the Metro Station once you get there.” She then turns towards the car and makes her right hand shape into a finger gun, with Edward watching on behind her. “Bang.” Suddenly something appearing like a bullet come out of the Thief’s hand and hits the sports car, causing it to explode. As soon as the sound is herd, both Edward and the Thief run straight down the Slope along Kejing 4th Street, trying to get to Lushan Avenue Station.
“So who are you then?” Edward asks the girl sitting across from them while they wait at a Starbucks right on the shores of Xinglong Lake, a defining feature of the Tianfu New Area. The lake was a human made creation, created by the local city government to serve as a reservoir to help control water supply in the city, it is an iconic part of the landscape of the new area. As for how Edward and the Thief got here, the two of them quickly ran back down Kejing 4th Street before hooking back on Xinyu 1st Road, where they found Edward’s suitcase still lying on the sidewalk where he abandoned it. He quickly grabbed it and the two of them hooked on Ding’an Road, then following Zhongbai Dadao before reaching Lushan Avenue Station. The two then took the 6 Train south before transferring to line 29, before continuing to its terminus at Xinglong Lake Station, where they then proceeded to walk to the local Starbucks at the suggestion of the Thief to get some coffee. “Hmm… What do you mean Edward? Aren’t I just a thieving scoundrel to you?” “Look I don’t really care about that right, I’m just curious as to what your name is?” The thief just looks at Edward for a moment, before she pulls out the file they recovered from that sports car. “Alright Edward I’m going to make you an offer here, right now there are a lot of powerful people that are currently after yo-“
“Alright I get it, you want the damn book you don’t you?” Edward immediately throws out a wildcard and just asks her about his book, which catches the Thief off guard as she remains silent, which allows Edward to continue by pulling out the book from his backpack. “Alright fine you can have it, as I don’t want to be involved in whatever the hell is going on here. If I remained involved further I would probably just go insane.” He then puts the book on the table as the Thief looks at, which finally after so many failed attempts of getting it she decides to take it. “Well if you are offering it up then that also works.” She then grabs the book, but for some unknown reason she can’t appear to lift it. She struggles for a minute as the book remains practically glued to the table while Edward just watches on. “Wow how in the world were you able to hold me down and yet not pickup a normal book.” Edward then just picks up the book like there was no problem with it. The Thief looks at this with confusion before Edward noticing that her facial expression turns from confusion to accepting. “Ah so thats what’s going on… Edward I’m going to offer you something here.” “Nope I want no involvement whatsoever lady. I just want to record my history and mo-“ “The people who are hunting you aren’t going to stop until they get their hands on the book. Listen, that book is magically bound to y-“ “Magic? HAH, magic is fictional lady, don’t be absurd.” The Thief just sighs and grabs an empty cup before addressing Edward again. “Alright so for starters since you don’t believe in magic, how about I just show you it? Take a look at this empty cup, now wa-“ “Oh your just gonna do a disappear and reappear act very quickly, that’s just done via well p-“ “Oh those parlour tricks are an absolute insult to magic. What I’m going to do is fill this empty cup up with water with magic.” Edward just looks at the Thief confusingly. ‘Jesus she’s starting to remind me of Ken but more into magic and less of a pervert, which I don’t know if its a good thing or a bad thing. Oh well I might as-well see if she’s just bullshitting here.’ Edward watches at the girl puts her hand over the cup, with her palm facing down. She then lifts her hand about a hand (4 inches) above the cup so Edward can clearly see what is about to happen. Suddenly water starts to appear beneath her palm and is floating slightly in the air. The water then proceeds to fall into the cup, with the process continuing until the cup is completely full. ‘What… just WHAT IN THE LIVING HELL WAS THAT?’ Edward just looks on dumbfounded as the Thief puts a smirk on her face. “You see Edward? That right there is magic. No optical illusion bullshit, no just having a small tube of water hidden under the sleeve which I don’t even have, just pure magical ability.” Edward is still completely dumbfounded but he knows he can’t just deny what he has seen, he’ll have to accept that Magic does indeed and somehow exist. “Just who in the world are you?” The thief just looks at him confidently.
“Oh I’m glad you asked!” She then stands up from her seat and does some sort of pose. “I’m Mo Lisha (魔理沙) and I’m just your average ordinary magician!” Edward just looks on at her with a straight face while taking in this information. ‘Oh god she’s definitely going to be one of those people, I’ll need to deal with her quickl-‘ “Hey, how about you introduce yourself to me also, fresh start and all?” “But don’t you already know my name?” She just looks at him with a bit of a angry expression, which Edward quickly reads as a sign to just do as he’s told. “Alright fine, 我叫爱德华 (I’m Edward), 我从美国来 (I come from the United States), 和认识你我很高兴 (and its a pleasure to meet you).” Mo Lisha just looks at him for a moment before replying. “Alright then Aidehua, we still have a lot to discuss relating to this file I took, and with the newly known fact that only you can hold onto the book, I know exactly what I want to do in this situation.”
“Let me come with you Edward.” This came as a complete surprise to Edward, who didn’t expect her to offer up any form of partnership. “Wait before you reject me outright allow me to explain my reasoning.” “Alright I’ll hear you out then Mo Lisha.” The two of them return to their table, with Mo Lisha beginning her argument. “For starters, I’ve been for the fast few months- “Years, you haven’t been tracking me for only months.” Mo Lisha just sits dumbfounded, almost confusingly as Edward usually is whenever she reveals something trivial to him. “Alright I’ll tell you about that at another time, to continue on from earlier now. For the past several ‘years’ as you’ll put it, I’ve not only been tracking you down, I’ve been trying to get to the State of Yue, and before you go asking me about why just wait I’ll get it.” Edward, who was ready to pipe in again immediately relaxes and allows Mo Lisha to continue. “You see, the people who founded the State of Yue are also completely capable of using magic, granted everyone is capable but the leadership of the Yue practically embrace magic. Now you see these people that ran the Yue used to work within a… let’s call it a confederation with a series of other magical beings, creatures, and humans. You could name any mythical creature and they were likely apart of this confederation.” Edward just listens as Mo Lisha continues on.
“However, a Great Incident would soon occur, one which the Confederation couldn’t survive, which they called ‘The Corruption’. Edward recognises the term and pipes in from his end. “Wait I’ve heard of that, apparently the Huai when they were still around sent a fleet to investigate reports of a mysterious corrupting effect that was happening to civilian ran fishing vessels, along with a potential take over of Japan.” Edward notices that Mo Lisha gets a bit angry upon hearing the last part of his sentence, but continues. “The Huai fleet was completely lost, there was only one survivor, who reported a mass corrupting effect that consumed everyone onboard, with the lone survivor only living because he was thrown overboard before hand for insubordination. After recalling these events in full, one of the officers shot him in the head, allegedly doing so as him being executed for his insubordination, however my source at the time believed that it was due to the officers inability to believe the tale.” Mo Lisha just takes in what she was told before replying. “Yeah, that’s exactly what happened. When the corruption appeared inside the Confederation, it destroyed the great barrier that kept it seperate from the Island of Honshu in Japan, and as a result everyone fled to completely different parts of the world. The people who now run the Yue I believed simply chose to relocate themselves to Guangzhou while they wait out the incident.”
“Before the Confederation separated, both the most influential member of the confederation along with the individual who was maintaining the barrier before it became corrupted told the other members to not attempt to do anything and just wait for the incident to be resolved in a timely manor, and this did work with most of the known trouble makers having remained quiet and doing their own thing. The Leaders of Yue however violated this when they overthrew the local government in a coup after the Chinese imploded. They then formed what they called the ‘Lunar Republic’ and began to enforce their vision, ideals, and magic upon the locals. Usually this would be resolved by the Chief Enforcer of the Confederation, however since the leader doesn’t want her dying for various reasons, I was asked to stop the Yue for them.” Edward pipes in with another question. “Wait, so you’re just doing the dirty work for some confederation, and how exactly does this relate to me here?”
“For starters, yeah I am since my friend the Chief Enforcer didn’t want anyone else to go for a variety of reasons, ranging from being too cocky, to being the same race as the enemy, to not being liked all that much by the Chief Enforcer, and for 2nd question, I’m getting to that. Anyway, the Yue have already violently disrupted the order of the world by turning a bunch of people into their race, which they call ‘purification’, and before you ask how I know for certain, well let’s just say I have a variety of sources in Yue and the surrounding states, hey you aren’t the only one to have a variety of sources you know.” She finishes that sentence with a bit of a chuckle as she laughs at her own joke, before continuing. “Because of this, I have to get to Yue and stop them from messing with the natural order of things. Now onto why this relates to you exactly.” She then puts on a more serious expression as she continues. “You see, one of the things my sources told me was that the Yue leadership was investigating the origins of a mysterious book they found in Guangzhou, a history book to be exact. It apparently covered the entire history of China in the 21st Century up until the year 2071, where it abruptly stopped. Now I have no idea what was in that book fully, however it does note the name of the person who wrote it.” She then looks at Edward, almost asking him to guess who wrote.
“Is the name on that book mine Mo Lisha?” “Yep, your name was on the very cover of that book. Now I think you know what is coming what I’ll just ask it anyway, did you write that book Edward?” Edward just sits there, confused about the fact that someone with his name wrote a book the exact topic he was covering. “No I don’t recall ever writing a book like that, the only book I have ever written is the book I currently possess.” Mo Lisha looks at his face for a moment before resuming. “Alright I’ll take your word for it, meaning its like they assumed in that its not some sort of time travel scenario. Anyway, basically the Yue wants to get ahold of both you and the book because they believe that the books contain information relating to why humanity went insane in the first place a yea- excuse me 16 years ago. Due to this, they aren’t going to stop hunting you until the heat death of the universe, hell they’ll probably travel to the underworld or Hakugyokurou just to get ahold of you.”
Edward just soaks all of this in while Mo Lisha takes a sip of her coffee before she resumes. “Now, I can’t just let the Yue get ahold of you, mainly since if they do so then they’ll get control over both the books and you and who knows what powers they can get ahold of by combining the information of both of them. So once I became aware of you, I began to track you down, and luckily for me a man in what the locals called the State of Lan called Ken Kao apparently went on a huge drunken rant about you at some night cl-“ “Wait, you’re saying that Ken Kao was ranting about me? Just what in the world did he say about me?” “Oh nothing much, just how you apparently are some virgin who can’t properly interact with people or something like that, though he was massively drunk at the time.” ‘That piece of shit, who’s he calling an unsociable son of a b-‘ Edward quickly snaps out of his thoughts as he notices that Mo Lisha is finding some sort of amusement in just looking at his face, upon which he just sighs. This allows her to resume speaking.
“A-Anyway, once your friend basically gave all that up, I knew that I had to go to Xi’an, where I found where you lived and attempted to steal the book, however embarrassing I couldn’t find it, so I settled for some of your other books, while I di-“ “You do know that the set of books you stole are a pretty questionable set? I mean who would bother stealing such classics such as Twilight, or such masterpieces such as In Another World with My Smartphone, or such graphic suggestions such as Tow-“ “H-H-Hey! You shouldn’t go questioning people’s reading habits! I’ll have you kn- HEY STOP LAUGHING OVER THERE!” Edward is now just laughing at Mo Lisha’s expense as she becomes even more angry. “You can’t just laugh at me for liking those types of books when you were the one who bought them in the first place!” “Actually I didn’t buy any of the books you stole, they were all given to me by various people, though they were all either completely bad or just down right things that shouldn’t be in a library, so I putted them in a nicely labeled section called ‘Junk’. I’m surprised you would even consider stealing any of that stuff but I guess you’re into that sort of stuff, which is just h-“ “C-C-Can we please move on from that?” Mo Lisha’s quick question ends any further comments on that point as She carries on with her story.
“Getting back on track, I learned that you were heading to Yue of your own volition, which surprised me considering that you knew that the Yue was doing questionable stuff morally. Because of this I simply elected to follow you in an effort to get ahold of your book, and you should know how the rest of this goes by now. You kept dodging me until I finally caught you today, and now we are having coffee discussing events in the past.” “So basically, you wanted my book so you could prevent the Yue from getting it, however you now know that the book is for whatever reason magically bound to me, am I correct?” Edward quickly asks that to confirm his own suspicions on her motives. “Yeah pretty much, however now that I know that the book is magically bound to you, this does change things, and that is where my original offer comes in.”
“Allow me to come with you Edward.” Edward sits there contemplating her offer however she attempts to add additional justification to her offer. “Just think about it Edward, for starters you won’t really be able to fight back against the Yue’s magic on your own, and I can easily help you defend yourself. We’re also both heading towards a common destination in the form of Yue, which allows us to have a common goal to work towards. Just t-“ “Alright I’m fine with you coming along with me Mo Lisha.” Mo Lisha, who Edward thinks is expecting a condition to be thrown in waits for a bit, however after a while of nothing being spoken she puts a massive smile on her face as she grabs Edward’s hand. “Thank you Edward! I promise that you won’t regret it Edward.”
After just grabbing and shaking Edward’s hand in the air for a few seconds, she lets go and gets up while moving away from the table. “Well aren’t you gonna come along? I don’t think you have a hotel for the night so I’ll quickly show you one.” Edward decides to just follow along as the two leave the Starbucks and head along the lakeside. Now walking along the western bank the two headed for a hotel that Mo Lisha knew of in the area. “So anyway Edward I’m a bit curious about yourself, minding telling a bit of it?” “Well for starters thats one way of saying that, and the 2nd is shouldn’t you know everything about me by now due to reading that file along with having stalked me for the past half-decade?” “Well Edward that file actually contained no real info on you, just guesses and information on anyone that knew you. That basically means I’m in the blind as the Yue are except for knowing what you look like.” “Well I guess I can tell you stuff about me but you’ll probably be disappointed. I’m a 21 year old who has been living in China for the past decade, and I’m currently attending university in Xi’an. Outside of that there isn’t really a whole lot, except for constantly studying, reading the newspaper and watching the cricket whenever its on I don’t really do a whole lot.” Mo Lisha is a bit disappointed in this answer and attempts to dig further into Edward. “Hnm, surely you have to have some sort of hobby or anything you would consider doing in your free time?” “Well I mean Mo Lisha I just don’t do a wh-“
Suddenly Edward hears a ringtone playing from his phone, quickly grabbing it from his pocket he sees that it says Source Lan has called him. “Excuse me Mo Lisha I have to take this.” Edward quickly answers the phone, only to hear Ken Kao, his source in the State of Lan speaking from the other end. “Hey Ed my guy, hows it hanging?” ‘Oh dear god I don’t have time for your shit today Ken’ “Ken you know that you should only call me if its related to anything big going on in your locale, so this better be worth my time.” “Oh trust me Ed, it is. The first big news is that Chun He has sent a diplomatic mission in collaboration with the Tibetans to Nepal to negotiate for their entry into the Western Pact, which is huge considering this is the first time the Lan are going to be using THE POWER OF FLIGHT since the Chang took Lanzhou.” Edward just nods along while Mo Lisha watches this exchange to the side. “Alright anything else? I’m currently holding somebody I’m with up by talking to you.” “Oh you’re with someone Eddy? I find that to be a little surprising considering your isolationist nature… what’s their name? Maybe its some nice girl but that happening is more unlikely then that Domutopia thing I keep hearing about, or it’s probably just Yun since you did mention you were heading to Chengdu the last time we spoke, speaking of him how’s he doing? Its been a long while since I last spoke with and I am curious abo-“ “Just tell me your info on Lan Ken.” Edward is visibly angry and is not in any position to think about Yun, who’s likely dead. “Alright jeez, anyway the other major piece of info is that I finally managed to break into Chun He’s room and what I discovered is a bit odd. For starters she apparently has some sort of diary in here that’s in what I think is Japanese, and since I can’t bother translating that. I also discovered that she’s apparently also writing down the sentence You’re seeing this Chang’e? Constantly in another book of hers, which I can’t make heads of tails of. Finally did you know that her ti-“ Edward hangs up on Ken and puts his phone back into his pocket. ‘Jesus Christ that man is intolerable at times… I wish he can just mature for once, hell he should be more mature since he’s older then me!’ Mo Lisha watches Edward for a bit before he continues walking in the general direction they were going in originally, with Mo Lisha following after him.
“Ah here it is Edward we can spend the night here.” Mo Lisha led Edward to a hotel off of Huran Road West, which is often called the Mercure Hotel, mainly due to the massive Mercure sign that hangs on the building. “Alright let’s head up Edward, should be fine since I’ve already been staying here for the past two days.” Edward simply follows Mo Lisha into the elevator as they head up towards the 12th floor, where Mo Lisha enters her room. Edward notices the wide hotel room, however he notices an immediate flaw with Mo Lisha’s room that should appear obvious to him. ‘There’s only one bed in here, does she actually want me to sleep in the same bed as her?’ Now for Edward he is no stranger to sleeping in the same room as women, having done so numerous time on overnight trains however sleeping in the same bed as a, who he thinks is a few years longer then him, girl is a bit more out of his comfort zone. “What, is there something wrong Edward?” “Well Mo Lisha, as you can see there is only one bed in this room, and th-“ “Oh you’re worried about that? Oh thats just a bit silly now don’t you think Edward. I mean we will have to get used to sleeping near each other often since we will be travelling together going forward.” “Well I mean when you put it like that the-“ “Alright then its settled, I’ll just head to bed immediately since it is pretty late, so Good Night Edward.” She then takes off her shoes and then just hops straight into bed, falling asleep shortly thereafter. ‘What in the world have I signed up for?’ Edward looks out towards Xinglong Lake via a window in the room. After looking at the lake-view for a while he finally gets drowsy, hopping into the bed opposite to Mo Lisha, and falling asleep, and thus begins Edward’s new life.
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2021.12.05 14:26 xfreakedln Rengøring af vindueslister/fuger

Jeg er den heldige ejer af en ældre bolig, og har i den forbindelse “lidt” problemer med kondensvand, som skaber sit helt eget miljø i revnerne. De bliver tørret af med jævne mellemrum, men jeg kan aldrig rigtig komme i bund, hvilket gør, at det kommer tilbage i løbet af et par dage.
Jeg har påbegyndt den store udluftning hver morgen, men det er som om at det ikke er nok.
Er der nogle gode råd til at “slå miljøet ihjel”? Og få renset/rengjort rillerne, og kan det evt. anbefales at lave en ny fuge, så den er lettere at tørre af?
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2021.12.05 14:26 zanzan13531 [OC] 8 Perfect Shuffles: Shuffling a deck of cards perfectly 8 times will return it to its original order. seems remarkable, but here is the visual proof/movement of the cards. Might not fit here, but thought I would share! Some other cool phenomenon can be seen in each shuffle!

[OC] 8 Perfect Shuffles: Shuffling a deck of cards perfectly 8 times will return it to its original order. seems remarkable, but here is the visual proof/movement of the cards. Might not fit here, but thought I would share! Some other cool phenomenon can be seen in each shuffle! submitted by zanzan13531 to savedPostyStuff [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 14:26 Digisonix Everyones favorite noelle simp here with another showcase

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2021.12.05 14:26 crytoloover Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin, XRP ADA VET, Shiba Inu Solana Abend Update ab min 10!!!!

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2021.12.05 14:26 OnlineNewsLive Emiway - That's How I Feel Song Lyrics Music Video Play Online

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2021.12.05 14:26 BlackChapel The fact that Vanguard quoted me 3 weeks and it's been over 2 months is incredibly telling...

My DRS was approved on Oct 21st, submitted on the 5th. As a test, I did not call, threaten FINRA complaint, I just wanted to see. It is now December 5th and they still have my shares. I'm calling them first thing tomorrow morning. Not that I had any doubt, but this just really drives it home that they either don't have the shares or are refusing to complete the action until the person calls to complain or threaten action.
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2021.12.05 14:26 Yung_Empathy Does it count for glory challenge when I replace heroes?

Stopped playing before glory challenge got released. I have l/d e5's but all of them build before, so I didn't even got the 9* achievement yet. Now I would like to replace my 10* belrain with Russell and build him to e5 from there (got an maxed stone on belrain for some reason which I would love to keep). But im afraid I will be not give a single glory achievement then, because technically I never build a l/d 10*. Is there a way around?
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2021.12.05 14:26 ALiddleBiddle Maxwell jurors immersed in Epstein’s world of extreme wealth and sex

By PATRICIA HURTADO & MARY Biekert | Tribune News Service | Link to article
One alleged victim, his former private pilot and his Palm Beach caretaker testify in the six-week trial.
One alleged victim, his former private pilot and his Palm Beach caretaker testify in the six-week trial.
NEW YORK — One week into Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial, the jury has already been on board Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet and inside his Palm Beach mansion. But they’ve also seen the stained table on which he demanded three massages a day.
The deep immersion into luxurious, lascivious world of Epstein, who once managed money for billionaire Leslie Wexner, and Maxwell, the daughter of British publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell, is courtesy of prosecutors who are keen to show how young girls could be drawn in by the pair and then trapped in a cycle of sexual abuse. One of those alleged victims took the stand this week and said that was exactly what happened to her.
But most of the rest of the testimony came from Epstein’s former private pilot and Palm Beach caretaker who both described their boss’s endless needs and the parade of women in his life. Both denied any knowledge of abuse – the pilot said he thought one teenage girl was a “mature woman” – but the caretaker pointed to Maxwell as the person most responsible for catering to the desires of Epstein, her ex-boyfriend. According to prosecutors, that included procuring underage girls for him, and sometimes participating in their abuse herself.
Maxwell denies she was party to Epstein’s alleged crimes, and her lawyers called her “a convenient stand-in” since the man himself committed suicide in 2019 while awaiting trial on his own sex-trafficking charges.
The defense will get a chance to make its own case later in the six-week trial, but for now it’s been a series of government witnesses painting a picture of wretched excess and sexual predation. The 12 jurors, which include a home health aide and several public-sector employees, all denied having biases against wealthy people leading luxurious lives.
Here are the highlights from week one of U.S. v. Maxwell:
The first of four women expected to testify against Maxwell, the pseudonymous “Jane” took the stand on Tuesday afternoon and spent the next three hours describing her history with Maxwell and Epstein. When she met them, she was a vulnerable 13-year-old attending Michigan’s Interlochen Arts Camp the summer after losing her father to cancer. Epstein bragged about being a camp benefactor and asked her where she was from, Jane said.
“How convenient,” he said after learning she was from Palm Beach.
An invitation to his house there followed, and a chauffeur-driven car to pick her and her mother up after that, she said. “These giant gates opened up, and the car pulled in,” Jane recalled. “And it was just this, you know, big beautiful house.”
Jane said Epstein offered to mentor her and further her arts career. She started making regular visits to his house where she said Maxwell presented herself as “a big sister” and took her shopping. But Maxwell also started talking to her about sex and lay around the pool topless while she was around, Jane said. Maxwell and Epstein also bragged constantly about “how they were friends with essentially everyone, and they knew everyone.”
She said Epstein was telling her how he could use his connections to help her in life when he took her to the pool house during one of her visits. “ ‘I know everybody,’ ” she claims he said. “ ‘I know all the agents. I know all the photographers. I know, you know, the owner of Victoria’s Secret. So I can make things happen, but you just have to be ready for it.’ ”
Then he abruptly stopped talking and proceeded to masturbate on her, she said.
After that first assault, more followed, she said, with Maxwell sometimes present. On cross-examination, defense lawyer Laura Menninger aggressively challenged Jane’s memory of those events and suggested her testimony was motivated by a desire to enlarge a $5 million civil settlement from Epstein’s estate.
But Jane’s story fits a pattern outlined by the prosecution’s expert psychologist Lisa Rocchio, who testified that abusers often “groom” their victims by winning their trust and confidence and then normalizing the abuse.
The pilot
Pilot Lawrence Visoski Jr. was the first witness called in the case after opening statements on Monday. He mainly described Epstein’s jet-set lifestyle flying among his five homes, which included one of the largest townhouses in Manhattan, a private island in the Caribbean and a New Mexico ranch along with the Palm Beach house. Often a celebrity or politician was along for the ride in one of Epstein’s three jets, which included an airline-sized Boeing 727.
Flying on a private jet allowed Epstein and his guests to circumvent the usual screening protocols, Visoski said. They could typically just drive onto the tarmac and board the plane.
“There’s a lot more freedom when you fly private,” he said.
Visoski, who worked for Epstein for nearly 30 years, testified that he met Maxwell in late 1991. “She managed his household staff during the time Mr. Epstein was acquiring a lot of his residences and it took a lot of managing and decorating,” the pilot said.
He also met Jane, though he told jurors that he thought the girl with striking blue eyes Epstein brought to the cockpit one day in Palm Beach was a “mature woman.” Visoski testified he never saw an underage girl fly in one of Epstein’s planes without a parent present and that Epstein gave him 40 acres from his New Mexico ranch to build his own house in 2000.
The caretaker
Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion caretaker for more than a decade, Juan Alessi, testified on Thursday and Friday that Maxwell and Epstein partied with hundreds of topless women at his poolside over the years. He also took jurors through a 58-page book of rules explaining how to meet the needs “of Mr. Epstein, Ms. Maxwell and their guests.”
The book, which was entered into evidence on Thursday, contains detailed checklists and responsibilities such as ensuring guest rooms were stocked with “fresh flowers,” a “selection of fresh fruit” and “Jeffrey Epstein large and small notepads on” bedside tables. It even specifies the brands of toiletries to be supplied in bathrooms – Secret deodorant and Kiehl’s lip balm for guests, La Mer moisturizer and Lancome Exfoliance gel for Maxwell. In the master bedroom, a gun was to be placed in a bedside drawer.
The book also demands discretion. “Remember that you see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing, except to answer a question directed to you,” it reads. Alessi said he interpreted that section as “a kind of warning that I was supposed to be blind” and to “say nothing of their world.”
Maintaining that veil of secrecy was especially important because Alessi was privy to many of his boss’s activities. Among his tasks was helping Maxwell schedule Epstein’s massages, as many three times a day by the time Alessi left the job in 2002. “It was a massage in the morning, a massage in the afternoon and a massage after the movies,” Alessi said. “They were scheduled to come anytime, at 10 o’clock, 11 o’clock at night.”
And while the door was closed during these “massages,” Alessi said he would go in afterward to “clean up” not just towels towels but also sex toys, costumes and porn. Jane testified earlier that Maxwell showed her the type of sexualized massage Epstein enjoyed, and the green-baize-topped table on which those massages took place was introduced into evidence on Friday afternoon.
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2021.12.05 14:26 Psychedelic_Primate Cops Seize Combat Vet's Life Savings

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2021.12.05 14:26 morningimpartial The only good Skaven is a Dead Skaven

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