2021.12.05 13:43 Livid_Pepper4236 WTF...

New to the game but I can't even play. I tried creating a character, but keep getting the message that I can't create a character on that server. How long will this last?
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2021.12.05 13:43 Strange-Movie Is metabolism busted right now?

After two raids I’ve eaten/drank to fill my stats back up and each time I leveled up metabolism, from 24-26
Anyone else having something similar happen?
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2021.12.05 13:43 Regenerative_Med_Bot Synthetic tissue can repair hearts, muscles, and vocal cords

Synthetic tissue can repair hearts, muscles, and vocal cords submitted by Regenerative_Med_Bot to regenerate [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 13:43 prinsa Spotted in Munich, Germany this weekend!

Spotted in Munich, Germany this weekend! submitted by prinsa to witcher [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 13:43 Konradleijon “I Hope they all die” by shadowtread

“I Hope they all die” by shadowtread submitted by Konradleijon to KaynMains [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 13:43 rAndOmbLitz Declined Reviews

Are these tasks wrongly reviewed?
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2021.12.05 13:43 taymoor0000 Questions

Hello everyone I'm thinking of learning SketchUp software as it may prove helpful in my project. I have a couple of questions if anyone is kind enough to answer, I'll be grateful:
1) Unfortunately I've already upgraded my window to Windows 11 and I've just seen on the official website that SketchUp may not run on windows 11. I cannot revert back as my 10 day period is now over. Any solution?
2) I have Hp pavilion with gtx 1650 graphic card and 8gb ram, I wish to know will this be enough for the software. I can upgrade but it'll take some time (low in finances). I just want to know if it'll be enough or not and should i proceed or juts stop and upgrade first?
Thank you
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2021.12.05 13:43 neutch___ Any Icelanders in here?

Any Icelanders in here? How is it like playing a game with your country's landscape?
Is the game well known in there because of that?
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2021.12.05 13:43 TishaLeat 💎Baby Shiryo Inu💎 Top Class #Utility Token|#LowCap Gem| #P2P Game |#NFTs | With the Support of Top Influencers| Launched Less than 18hours at 140k MC. Presently Sitting Comfortably at 400kMc From An Ath of 650k Mc

🔥🚀BABY SHIRYO INU (BSC) 🚀🔥 Another Historical Moonshot Gem Launching on BSC🚀
The newest Shiryo trend to take off!
This project is strongly inspired by the Shiryo inu token which is doing well on ERC network. We are a very well connected team in this space with experience on various projects.
We have plans to integrate a play to earn mobile game into our project. This will be released shortly after launch!
SOFTCAP - 50bnb
HARDCAP - 100bnb
MIN/MAX 0.1 - 1bnb
6% - Liquidity Pool
1% - Redistribution
3% - Marketing wallet
✅ Chinese community
✅ Whitepape Roadmap
📱 T.G-
Website -
Chinese Community-
Shilling group-
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2021.12.05 13:43 ichthyogeek How do people test if a parasite medication will actually kill/prevent the parasite?

Unsure if I have the right sub, but this felt relevant. Are there clinical trials where dogs/cats are purposefully infected with ticks/fleas to test if a medication will work or not? Are there papers written about how X medication is 90% effective at preventing fleas or something? How exactly does one test if a medication will prevent parasites? And how does one do a trial ethically? Or is it more of a “this is an experimental drug, your dog has ticks, can we try this medication” ? I know that with humans, drugs go through multiple testing phases, but I’m still not sure how exactly parasites are addressed, especially if you’re trying to control for all factors.
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2021.12.05 13:43 hunterston3 I still don’t understand how to solve this problem (Q19 No Calc December 4th) If the answer was (1-x)^7 , how does this match? You still have to factor out an x I think

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2021.12.05 13:43 Baguette_exe A wallpaper i just drew

A wallpaper i just drew submitted by Baguette_exe to squidgame [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 13:43 ExtinctEmotions Best Put options right now?

Just trying to get these tendies I see everyone with. Any “not” advice would be nice. Thank you!
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2021.12.05 13:43 StretchaDaDope Stretcha - Nebesvaik

Stretcha - Nebesvaik submitted by StretchaDaDope to lietuva [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 13:43 woowoothepoopoo Man I really hope rangers of the new republic is able to be made

I know it’s pretty much 100% likely that it’ll be canceled but I really wanted to see a show centered on the new republic. Something about that era just appeals to me so much and I always get so excited when stuff from that era is shown, whenever they’d show new republic ships or uniforms or tech in the mandalorian I’d always get super happy. It’s just such a bummer, I know I’m probably in the minority who was really excited for it but it’s just really disappointing.
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2021.12.05 13:43 Kvkkz Changing the race mid-game, does the NPCs respond correctly?

If you use the command "player.setrace x", x being your desired race, then AFTER that use the command "showracemenu" and select that same race and make any desired cosmetic changes then there should be no complications. Just using showracemenu screws up your stats and just setrace doesn't change appearance, so use both in the right order.
I've read this so I want to try, but if the NPCs and the game dont react correctly there is no point. Any experiences with this?
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2021.12.05 13:43 mugu007 Why is there a sudden influx of US spec cars in the region ?

Some of you may have noticed that the most common question on this sub is about getting a US spec car inspected before purchase. Why is no one questioning the reason why these cars are being imported half way across the world to be sold below market price ? Is no one sceptical about the possibilities of salvage titles and flood damaged cars ?
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2021.12.05 13:43 GrassNova Can the sub switch back to sorting by Best rather than Controversial?

I'm not sure which mod changed this or why, but all comments on this sub now sort by Controversial by default, rather than by Best or Top. I don't think this is appropriate, especially when a lot of the posts here are from students who need advice, or even having a crisis. This isn't a sub for hot takes or unpopular opinions, could it be switched back?
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2021.12.05 13:43 HalliDespacito First cursed room crashed my daily run

It was next to the starting room and the red chest crashed my game, now i cant start a new run and got 0 score, does this fuck my cracked crown progress?
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2021.12.05 13:43 Legitimate-Pizza-124 light up clermont dec 3rd 2021/food truck/night life in clermont/tree li...

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2021.12.05 13:43 BUGR4R [Searching] th5 veteran active

Hi im a veteran and started the game again. im th5 almost maxed out. i do have 5 builders so im gonna be th8 very soon. Im looking for active positive clan that i can upgrade my base also have fun.
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2021.12.05 13:43 mohamad_harb It's my friend's birthday!

Hey guys,
u/bum_bum-bum is asleep, and when he wakes up it's gonna be his birthday.
Here's the deal.
I want you guys to obliterate his inbox. Tag him like 3 times in the comments and be sure to wish him a happy birthday.
Random comment gets a coin gift in 24 hours
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2021.12.05 13:43 cowhiderugsale Brown Cowhide 7' x 8' TW-06-305 #Cowhides #RealCowhides #TanandWhiteCowhides #Natural #Tan #Western

Brown Cowhide 7' x 8' TW-06-305 #Cowhides #RealCowhides #TanandWhiteCowhides #Natural #Tan #Western submitted by cowhiderugsale to cowhiderugsale [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 13:43 bwtom Krampus and Nikolo visited last night! Marietta (Atlanta), GA

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2021.12.05 13:43 Beerbatteredfishtaco Cool colors post molt

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