Where is the Delay Mix knob (Amount of Dry vs Wet) located in minilogue?

2021.12.05 14:10 marcusedm123 Where is the Delay Mix knob (Amount of Dry vs Wet) located in minilogue?

Hey guys
I am following Syntorial with my minilogue. I have reached the "Delay" lesson and in there there is a kob which controls the amount of Dry vs Wet. However, I cannot find that knob on my minilogue.
Does anybody know? Maybe syntorial knows ?
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2021.12.05 14:10 fatbong2000 If you are an ivf kid, would you ask questions? Would it be an issue?

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2021.12.05 14:10 CutAccomplished1052 [psn] [h] cr offer [w] tw dune racers

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2021.12.05 14:10 fionamaepf My Sim broke up with her girlfriend but I didn't do anything? How?? Is it something that came with Discover University?

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2021.12.05 14:10 heartofpinksol Reshiram Raid! 6985 4927 2889 OR 5686 5092 3870

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2021.12.05 14:10 The_Radio_Host Finally completed Sunken Pearl after having to restart several times due to bugs

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2021.12.05 14:10 Lyacosplays Wanted to share with you my Ciri cosplay

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2021.12.05 14:10 mootalks HELP WITH SOP

I'm so tired and disappointed rn. I've trying to look for sample sops and I can't seem to find any for analytics. I am not sure what should I include and what I shouldn't since I come from business background. Please help. I'm losing hope of applying this year! :((((
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2021.12.05 14:10 Fram89 Trophy Garden?

I was considering skipping to the next day to get the next trophy garden Pokémon. if I skip to the next day, will that lock/reset the daily Pokémon?
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2021.12.05 14:10 Toxic_IcicleYT My two siamese!

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2021.12.05 14:10 Accurate-Record-3870 According to the bible Issac married Rebecca when she was 3 years old, is that right?

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2021.12.05 14:10 bencikanimations I made ramen

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2021.12.05 14:10 xKozmic Rumble Reveal and Supporting Cards! | All-In-One Visual

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2021.12.05 14:10 davidwholt SecTCR South America race of the weekend

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2021.12.05 14:10 IrateRapscallion [Displaced] - Chapter 106 Part 3

[Previous Chapter] | [Next Chapter] | [Patreon] | [Discord] |[Chapter 1]
“I’m afraid that Gabriela is not here at the moment,” she informed the beautiful woman.
“Ah, she rode within the floating machine we saw not too long ago?”
“Yes,” Arlette replied as the two of them entered the empty elevator. “So... was it difficult? You were gone longer than I had thought you would be.”
“Not very,” the Ubran claimed. “She was quite easy to track down. The delay can be attributed to some... mistakes that happened along the way.”
“I see,” Arlette answered noncommittally.
They said little else until Arlette led Chitra out onto the fifth floor, where she knew they could talk in private.
“Have you have learned about Sofie’s powers?” she inquired. “We can’t allow her inside until we have her ability under control.”
The Ubran nodded with understanding and agreement. “You are wise to seek to control her while she is vulnerable.”
Arlette let out a grunt; it felt as if the words had taken physical form and slapped her across the face. “That’s not what this is about.”
“My apologies, I jumped to conclusions,” the Ubran replied in that diplomatic way that left little doubt in Arlette’s mind just how on the mark Chitra believed herself to actually be. “As for her abilities...”
It turned out that Chitra had learned much. Very much. Far more than Arlette had hoped. Enough, for sure, for Arlette to make a determination.
“Take this to her,” she instructed, handing over the thick collar. “She cannot enter without first wearing this.”
“A slave collar of sorts?” Chitra mused, looking it over with care.
This time, it felt like the words had slammed into her gut. “It is only a precaution, though a dangerous one,” she allowed.
“I shall take this to her, though I doubt she will be delighted to see it.”
“Be careful, then. If she decides to use her powers, this will be her last chance and you will be the only target.”
The Ubran smiled knowingly. “I do not foresee that being an issue,” she calmly replied as she turned to leave.
“Oh, one more thing,” Arlette added to the retreating Ubran.
“It would be in everybody’s best interests, yours especially, if this entire thing were to be buried and never spoken of again. The public cannot know the truth of what she can do.”
“Worry not, Minister,” the Batranala responded as she stepped into the elevator. “In the palace, secrets were not just a skill, they were a way of life.”
The doors closed, leaving Arlette to collect her thoughts. She took the next cabin down, going back to her office to watch the events unfold from the terminal.
A short wait later, she observed as the fortress gate opened once more and Chitra stepped outside. A seed of guilt germinated inside her as she saw Sofie look up with hope gleaming in her eyes; the guilt grew, taking root in her gut, as she watched that hope wither away the moment Sofie noticed the collar. For some reason, Arlette got the impression that Sofie somehow recognized it for what it was.
Sofie said something, her voice soft.
“She did not tell me,” Chitra replied.
Sofie said something more.
“She wishes to know what the collar will do to her,” Chitra said through the screen. “Specifically, she wishes to know if it will explode and kill her.”
Sofie knew after all. Arlette couldn’t say how, but she knew. Perhaps something similar had been used on her before, back when she’d left Arlette during the siege?
“If she pushes it too far, it will,” she confirmed.
One passed message later, Sofie let out a squawk of dismay-tinged outrage, followed by a spurt of distressed but unintelligible words.
“She asks if there is any way she could be allowed inside without having to wear a bomb around her neck,” Chitra clarified.
“No,” Arlette stated.
Another relayed message, another torrent of words. Arlette did not need to understand them to recognize hurt feelings beneath. She felt a twinge of guilt but told herself that it had to be done.
“She says that the collar is terrible and demeaning, and she begs you to reconsider. She says she just wants to make up for her mistakes and asks that you give her a chance.”
“She’s welcome to make up for any mistakes she wants, as long as she puts on the collar,” Arlette replied. “Those are the requirements. Lord Ferros will not compromise on this.”
Chitra repeated Arlette’s statement and Sofie seemed to deflate. She mumbled something low and sad.
“She wants to know how the collar works, in detail, before she puts it on.”
Arlette thought back to the instructions Blake had given her just before he left. “First, she must put on the collar. Then, when it starts to beep, she must say ‘don’t’ several times in her speak as she would say it when using her powers. Once the collar is set up, it will listen for her to speak that word, and when she does, it will constrict around her throat until she cannot breathe. If she somehow keeps speaking through this, it will explode and kill her.”
The relayed explanation took a bit longer this time, but soon enough she heard Sofie’s panicked, irate, ranting reply, which seemed to stretch on and on. Finally, with a huff, Sofie seemed to run out of both air and anger.
“I will save you the litany of disparaging remarks about a person named Blake,” Chitra finally told her. “She wants to know how it will know not to choke her if she says something like ‘I don’t feel hungry’, or how it won’t kill her if she talks in her sleep.”
“People like Lord Ferros and myself can temporarily deactivate it using touch and a keyword, so we will disable it when you want to sleep. As for other usages of the word, I don’t think it can tell the difference.”
A stammered objection.
“Yes, you do say it all the time,” Chitra agreed.
More anguished gnashing of teeth.
“What about if you used a gag as well?”
A pause, then a question.
“Yes, exactly.”
A long, protracted sigh escaped Sofie’s lips as she seemed to wither even more.
Chitra turned back to the communication panel. “She requires a gag,” she informed Arlette.
“A gag?” a befuddled Arlette repeated.
“Yes, a implement inserted into the mouth to hamper mouth movement and speech and is often used for binding or activities of a sexual-”
“Yesyesyes I know what that is!” Arlette interjected. “But why?”
“Since she cannot use her powers without speaking in her native tongue, a gag would allow her to communicate without worrying about unintended harm.”
Sofie, her voice seemingly filled with a desperate hope, asked something.
“She offers to wear a gag instead of the collar, as it would prevent her from using her powers without the need for choking or death.”
Arlette thought about it. Given that she wasn’t a fan of Blake’s remedies, the proposal appealed to her somewhat. But, there would be nothing stopping Sofie from just taking the gag out and using her powers, and Blake would never go for that. He would not accept any solution that didn’t completely prevent Sofie from slipping her restraint off and striking when he least expected it.
“Rejected,” she finally said. “We can get her a gag so she feels safe to speak, but the collar must be worn too. Enough delaying. Put it around your neck and let’s get this over with.”
She could see Sofie hesitating as she held the collar in her hands. The younger woman still didn’t want to put it on, and Arlette didn’t blame her. She decided to give Sofie one more push.
“Sofie, listen. I know you don’t like this, but you made your choice when you came back here. Blake is deadly serious about this. If you refuse to wear that collar, I’ve been ordered to take you away to your own little prison out in the wilderness. Everything there is run by his machines, and you won’t be allowed within leagues of another living, breathing person, possibly ever.
“I know how much you need people in your life. If you ever want to talk to Samanta, or say hi to Leo, or share a meal with Gabriela, you have to give in here. If you ever want to be able to snuggle with Pari again, you have to put on the collar. Please just do it, for everyone’s sake.”
Arlette could hear Sofie sniff long and loud, her hands trembling in the terminal image. Slowly, she brought the collar up to her throat and put it on.
Arlette watched as they went through the setup procedure, making sure that everything went as Blake had instructed. She didn’t have to understand Sofie to know that she spoke the proper word. The memories of Sofie’s powers were seared in her mind to the point that she would never forget what that word sounded like.
“Thank you,” she said through the microphone when it was finally over.
“I believe my task is now complete, so I shall take my leave,” Chitra told them both with a bow. “Please tell Gabriela that I wish to see her when she returns.” With that said, she turned and made her way through the crowd of skitters and off into the city.
Arlette opened the gate again, letting Sofie inside the fortress for the first time in many days. Once she saw the Earthling had entered, she closed it again and ordered the surrounding skitters to return to their bays.
Turning off the terminal, Arlette leaned back and rubbed her temples. She hated having to be the bad guy, and she couldn’t help but resent both Blake and circumstance for foisting this role upon her. Still, the role needed to be played, no matter how guilty it made her feel.
A buzz came from the door. Arlette didn’t need to check the screen this time to know who would be on the other side. Taking a deep breath, she hit a button and the door opened to reveal a disheveled Sofie standing in the doorway.
The Earthling nervously clutched her left arm above the elbow with her right hand. Dirty, matted hair hung over her Arlette couldn’t see too much of her face through the dirty, matted hair that hung over it, but she noticed the gleam of wetness through the gaps. The one eye she could see swept its gaze around the room but avoided Arlette entirely.
Two chairs sat on the far side of Arlette’s desk. Slowly and silently, the Earthling shuffled over to one and slumped down into it with tired movements. She rocked back and forth slightly, her hands repeatedly going up to touch the collar, as if still in disbelief that it was there.
For several long, excruciating moments, silence reigned, neither of them willing to be the first to speak. Finally, Arlette couldn’t take it anymore and cleared her throat.
“So Chitra says that you can-”
Sofie raised her head and met Arlette’s gaze, giving Arlette a clear look at her tear-streaked face. “Do you really think so poorly of me? Do you really think I’d do something to you again after all of this?”
“Hey, the exploding collar is Blake’s idea, not mine,” Arlette deflected. “If a gag can restrict your abilities, I would be fine with that, but you know he won’t go for it.”
“But you still made me wear it, and you wouldn’t even come out and talk to me. You just hid up here like I was some sort of demon or something! You know who I am as much as anybody, Arlette. Am I really that scary to you?!”
Arlette took a deep breath and looked Sofie in the eyes. “...yes. I find you absolutely terrifying. All of you Earthlings scare me,” she continued as Sofie slumped in her chair. “Blake can make hundreds of machines capable of horrific death, an army of beings that can’t be sliced, fooled by illusions, or reasoned with. If he decided to ambush me, my death would be assured.
“My nerves still go on edge whenever the Monster is around me. I can’t help it. I’ll never be able to forget the carnage she wrought before my eyes, no matter how sad she acts about it now.
“But you... you terrify me far more than the others. They are just hypothetical threats; I know what you can do. What happened to me when I tried to fight your rule was one of the worst experiences of my life, and it was just a slap on the wrist compared to what you did to Blake and what I bet you could do if you really wanted to cause harm. Just thinking about it makes me tremble.
“Let’s be realistic, here. If you weren’t wearing that collar, you could kill me in the blink of an eye right at this very moment and there would be literally nothing I could do to stop you. I would be dead before I even knew what was happening. I can’t not be terrified, Sofie. It just isn’t possible.”
“But I would never do that to you ever again, now that I know! I would never hurt you! You’re my only real friend! You know that... right?”
“Sofie...” Arlette let out a slow breath. This whole conversation hurt. She didn’t want to say what she had to say, but she didn’t want to lie more. Everybody needed to lay it all out on the table. “I know you believe that, and with all of your heart. But a bomb that hasn’t exploded is still a bomb. And life doesn’t care what that bomb swears it will or won’t do. Life loves nothing more than to reveal vows like that as folly.”
Sofie’s hands went to her collar again. “Do we have to talk about bombs right now?” she grumbled.
“Sorry, but if we’re to be honest, here, that’s the best analogy I can think of for you right now. You’re an immediate, imminent threat to anybody within speaking distance.”
“...I never wanted to be a bomb,” Sofie muttered, as her eyes started leaking once more.
“I know. I know. But I learned long ago that none of us gets to pick our lot in life. I... I fear you, Sofie, but I don’t hate you, understand?”
“Really?” the Earthling sniffed, rubbing the tears away with her sleeve. “After everything I did to you?”
“I... I can’t stand being manipulated, but I recognize that you at least didn’t know what you were doing to me, and I don’t want to hate somebody for accidents. I’m still pretty angry at you, though.”
“I’m sorry, Arlette. For... for messing with your mind, and for being such a burden, and for putting you in danger because of my selfishness. You deserve better friends than people like me.”
“Stop it,” Arlette replied with a scowl. “I get to decide who deserves to be my friend, not you. And I’m sorry, too, for trying to hurt you before. I lost myself and overreacted.”
Sofie practically leapt to her feet. “Hugs.”
Arlette blinked as Sofie marched around the desk. “Huh?”
Sofie stuck her hands out and pulled Arlette out of her seat and into a tight embrace. “Hugs.”
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2021.12.05 14:10 areeb1296 Open world games set in futuristic cities?

Anyone else feel there's a general lack of open world games set in futuristic cities? The only ones I can think of are Watch Dogs Legion and Cyberpunk 2077 Any other suggestions will be welcome
Sure there are open world games that are set in the future. Fallout, HZD, Death Stranding, No man's sky, Destiny 2, Nier Automata.. But these games aren't exactly what I'm looking for
There are dozens of games wit medieval , recent past and the modern setting GTA, RDR, Elder scrolls, Mafia, Sleeping Dogs, Assassin's Creed, Witcher, Ghost of Tsushima.. List goes on Think of these games, but set in future like Legion and CD2077 I'm looking forward to Starfield and Vigilance 2099
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2021.12.05 14:10 Snowfish0722 Show me in pic form how low you let your cart go before you throw it out?

I let mine go really low and it kills but I’m always about getting my moneys worth lol. I’ll post a pic in the comments.
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2021.12.05 14:10 ItsMostLikelyMyFault 5 months old Golden mountain dog

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2021.12.05 14:10 shiggydiggypreoteins If Rask comes back, who gets moved?

Considering it seems the Bruins are still interested in bringing Rask back with Ullmark and Swayman on the roster, who do you see us moving? I don't think the Bruins would send down Swayman considering his current play, but it wouldn't completely surprise me.
Outside of trading Ullmark, the only options appear to be either sending down Swayman or carrying 3 goalies on the roster and sending down a skater. Thoughts?
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2021.12.05 14:10 Brooksy85 Need Advice

I started D2 resurrected 4 days ago. I got my trapsin rushed but now I am at level 80 and I am stuck with bad gear. How do I get gear when I cant even farm the countess?
Thanks in advance
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2021.12.05 14:10 MarvelsGrantMan136 Bob Dole, former senator and presidential candidate, dies at 98

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2021.12.05 14:10 Rose_Crusaders Cat falls on man's head

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2021.12.05 14:10 Wolfie050420 Question about Slumber Party Massacre 1 & 2

I haven't seen these movies since I was like 8. I just watched them again. Part 1 was just a guy with a drill who wore denim. One the second the guy has is a rocker with a drill guitar. It's the same character set up but different actors. Why is the story the same but different? (On 2) Is he just part of her imagination that came to life. Is he a rocker because she is in a band so he morphed to fit her mind set? At the end she wakes up in the asylum. Did she getting put there because they thunk she killed everybody Or is she just in the asylum this whole time and part 2 was just a dream?
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2021.12.05 14:10 beesnoozy Where do you recommend I get my nose pierced safely for cheap downtown?

Would love it if they offer cool jewelry too. Fashion district/entertainment district. If there's a specific piercer anybody recommends, that'd be great!
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2021.12.05 14:10 otastco let's do this

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