14 man league can't decide what to do

2021.10.19 16:15 Sodlosz 14 man league can't decide what to do

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2021.10.19 16:15 thehornybonk सबसे बड़ा मूर्ख व्यक्ति

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2021.10.19 16:15 ShortAlgo $EAH Waiting for Buy signal on EAH https://t.co/gGes5thn9e

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2021.10.19 16:15 IrrelevantHooman3549 Employee of the month

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2021.10.19 16:15 walkenfloogle My (M 25) partner (F 27) won’t do the one thing that would resolve a major mental health issue in my life

I’ve been with my partner for five years now. For a good portion of the relationship a guy she used to hook up with when she was younger would continuously hit her up, send dick pics, make second and third and fourth accounts to try and hit her up again and harass her after already being blocked, all the stalker type stuff.
A few years ago it came to a head when I confronted him and told him he needed to stop bothering my partner, and in return he sent me a video of my partner sucking him off (she was visibly 19 and younger it was before we were together) but it really screwed with me bad, like to the point where I had a breakdown and the image was etched into my brain torturing me repeatedly. And he kept saying things to me and refused to stop hitting her up.
A month later he was back to bothering her and calling her names and sending dick pics and I begged her to do something about it. I begged her to contact the police because this is stalking and she refused. Having seen plenty of true crime where the stalker ex doesn’t stop well, stalking, I know how this kind of situation can end up. The worst part was when he said he knew where we were living and said he was in the same city (he was living super far from our city so him being there was scary af), and wanted me to come fight him, so I went to the police and made my partner come with me because this needed to end. She filed a police report and the detective called her the next day and said they were going to pursue an arrest warrant. They told my partner to stay in touch with any further information that they could use.
So months went by, and nothing came of the situation, my paranoia only got worse. The problem started when I asked her if she could call the police and ask them if there were any updates about the case/warrant, and she flat-out refused, avoided, and argued about calling them. I understand she’s scared of the police and has a fear of phone calls but this has to do with our safety. I ask her at least once a month if she’s finally going to call the police and ask about the case. It’s been three and a half years of me asking her to do this and her saying she will when she isn’t busy. She’s now quit her job and we’re both just focusing on school so we both have a lot more time on our hands, yet she’s still avoiding calling to ask about the case.
This is someone who will avoid anything related to talking on the phone. During the pandemic she was having constant mental breakdowns and refused to see a professional until I put my foot down and explained how important it is to see a therapist and how her having breakdowns was something I’m not fully equipped to manage, as someone who suffers from PTSD and OCD myself. I was able to get her to do something to help her own mental health, but when it comes to calling the police to ask about whether or not we are safe/whether or not there’s a warrant, she does everything to avoid doing so, even though I’ve expressed how doing this one thing would make me feel significantly safer.
So I’m coming to Reddit mainly because I don’t know how to make a change here. Obviously I want to stay with her and it’s optimistic that she’s using the phone more and more but sometimes it feels like she doesn’t care that this has been making me feel unsafe for 3+ years. How do I talk to her about this and make it clear that I don’t feel safe and need her to do this one thing? Or do I need to live with the uncertainty of whether or not we’re being stalked? I really don’t know what to do here. I have really bad OCD so I have to engage in weird irrational compulsions whenever an intrusive thought about this stalker finding us pops in my head, and it’s gotten in the way of living a normal life for awhile, and I truly feel like knowing if we are safe would help a lot with reducing the amount of compulsions
TLDR: my partner hates talking on the phone and refuses to call the police about the status of a warrant against a stalker when it would really make me feel a lot safer, how do I go about addressing this in a nice way?
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2021.10.19 16:15 Spelis123 i suck at drawing tbh its a work in progress without color. see who it is? https://www.reddit.com/r/Terraria/comments/qbajzu/made_a_drawing_of_some_bosses_and_these_bosses_are/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

i suck at drawing tbh its a work in progress without color. see who it is? https://www.reddit.com/Terraria/comments/qbajzu/made_a_drawing_of_some_bosses_and_these_bosses_are/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf submitted by Spelis123 to Terraria [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 16:15 Domanes Can a company transfer ownership of a settlement?

On my server one our covenant companies had to claim 3 settlements so the other factions wouldn't just overrun the server. Now that company doesn't have the cash flow to upkeep all 3 settlements. Is there a way they can transfer ownership to another covenant company without going into war with another faction?
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2021.10.19 16:15 Hellguy76179 Veganism and Hate

Please help me understand something. I have been vegan for 10 years. (For you new-ish vegans that is the prehistoric age when there weren’t a lot of options for vegans other than making it yourself.) I avoid most vegan social media because of the hate. I don’t have vegan friends because of the hate. Why does it feel like so much of the interaction between vegans and everyone else is negative and/or arguments? I have experienced more negativity from the vegan point of view than I have from the non-vegan side. Too often I have seen someone who is vegan wish harm on humans or verbally abuse them because they eat meat. I don’t like that people murder, rape, and abuse animals for their own selfish wants but I don’t feel like directing anger and hatred towards them for their poor choices is going to make a difference. Does anyone else feel like this?
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2021.10.19 16:15 farklinkbot Dutch soccer fan impresses by carrying 48 beers from the bar into the stand in one trip. With "I'm buying these for my friends, honestly" picture goodness

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2021.10.19 16:15 pythonapster [Walmart] Philips True wireless earbuds $19.99 only UT102 @ Walmart.com FS [Deal Price: $19.99]

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2021.10.19 16:15 Rueueuu The VZ. 55

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2021.10.19 16:15 ShortAlgo $EXTR Waiting for Short signal on EXTR https://t.co/AuJ3uLEgtY

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2021.10.19 16:15 super_yasaijin エロゲスピンオフとエロゲのコラボ

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2021.10.19 16:15 Krimzon_89 Rizeli müteahhit olur gibi

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2021.10.19 16:15 Avasfeetish Rate 🖤

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2021.10.19 16:15 Competitive_Sir_7200 Taking new car to a different shop

Right now I’m driving a ‘20 Hyundai Elantra. I’m using it right now for a delivery job and building miles quick. I called my dealership where I usually take my car for oil changes and they said they weren’t available for service til next month.
I took my car to a reputable car shop, but I’m wondering if I’m doing anything to screw myself over if I don’t go to my normal shop at the dealership. One thing I saw is that it could violate my warranty by doing that but I haven’t check into that yet.
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2021.10.19 16:15 palmtrees007 Where to get a legit shuttle pass from?

I’ve been off FB for 10 years and just made one recently and discovered the groups feature. I’m trying to find a ticket from the ticket exchange, a simple shuttle ticket, and I’ve been almost scammed twice .. it’s absurd really .. where can you get a legit shuttle pass from? CL? On here ?
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2021.10.19 16:15 godblesstheabortions Will you attend Mumbai Pride Parade, February 2022

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2021.10.19 16:15 sh33py123 The Crypt Fiends

New cutting edge sound
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2021.10.19 16:15 nekoelfa97 Sasaki haise

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2021.10.19 16:15 TanniBunny28 active player from austria 8650 4151 9179

playing every day and trying to send or open gifts regularly! do you want to level up for best friend with me? :)
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2021.10.19 16:15 Neymar_Verratti Is Llorente worth 140k more than Valverde?

looking to sell Llorente and replace with Valverde to upgrade other parts of the team, just wondering if that’s a decent idea?
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2021.10.19 16:15 HR-Vex What worthless items do you collect?

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2021.10.19 16:15 Tiffancierthanu When does Sovi start lunch?

Yeah just like what time if you know.
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