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2021.10.19 18:00 jawsika How long is an anchor-chain?

The ocean is freaking deep, at most places it is too deep for an anchor to reach the bottom. I mean there can't be 2-3 km long ropes or chains on the ships. But then... why is anchor on the ships at all, and how does it stand in one place, when the anchor is not long enough?
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2021.10.19 18:00 TheDonald1 Dissecting the Mystery and Identity behind the BLONDE MAN from the fire as way back as 2.10; Who they might be and who they can NOT BE. And major discrepancies in dialogue between 2.10 and 8.21 from the night of the fire. PART 3

With all of this analysis in mind where am I going with all this? That is to prove using extensive background details of the characters the validity of the hypothesis that it was the blonde man codenamed Lamprey, who possibly formerly went by the codename SeaDuke prior to the 1987 American raid that led to his getaway, who originally stole the packets in 1990? And with this hypothesis the OTHER reason why I am seeking to connect the to the party who convinced Townsend Katarina was responsible for the death of his family via N13 AND THETHEFT OF THE 13 PACKETS*,* to the Kursk bombing and the individual/s who gave the original order, not necessarily the party who had it carried it out, and the framing of Raymond and pinning Berlin against him, which was possibly an ACT OF REVENGE, is because this latter reactionary based act would have also been motivated by revenge. Especially since we know this blonde man was there in the fire and fighting Katarina for lying to him and spying on him and likely blamed her for ratting him out to her superiors, or possibly someone in a separate hierarchy, or possibly her own?
So if that blonde man wanted to get REVENGE on her for what happened in the fire pinning an enemy like Townsend against her would have been the perfect revenge for THAT NIGHT and in the process he would have motivated another new enemy to also seek revenge. Just like Berlin was motivated to seek revenge against Raymond for an act he never committed*.* And since we would have two likely key identical motivational based actions ending in the same kind of result, is it really that far fetched to speculate both initial actions that yielded the same result, revenge as a motive*,* were also therefore committed by the same party?
So with all this said I would like to re-highlight the presence and emphasize the importance of the “blonde man” from the flashbacks of the fire and Requiem, demonstrate why I think they HAVE to be a separate person from Liz’s father Raymond Reddington, and why the key fight scenes from the flashbacks had to involve at least THREE persons likely at different moments in time and were not as many have accepted simply between Katarina and Raymond (who is presumed to be the “blonde man”), and confirm their very existence in the first place.
We have two kinds of confirmation for the existence of the “blonde man”. The first is Katarina’s testimony and words:
Katarina: A man was seen carrying her off the campus. A BLONDE MAN
Kathryn: The American?
Katarina: I started pulling away. We couldn’t continue the way we were. He didn’t take it well
Kathryn: So what he– he– he stole Masha to hurt you?
Katarina: No, that’s not it. He thinks she’s his
Kathryn: Is she?
Katarina: I don’t know, Kate. I never found out. I didn’t want to. It didn’t matter. I was never gonna end up with RAYMOND
Odd phrasing to say the least IF referring to the same man in both contexts?
The second kind of confirmation are the visuals presented in the flashbacks of the night of the fire in addition to a flashback from 2.10 that is assumed to have been a lead up to the night of the fire with young Liz with older Liz in a tree lot surrounded by Christmas trees and a man’s voice saying “Lizzie” accompanied by a vague image of a blonde man in the bottom left corner of the screen:
Disclosure: many of these images credited to u/TessaBissolli, except for the two images of the car

Blonde man can be observed in the bottom left hand corner above
And what about the scene of Katarina having sex in the back of the car with another man, clearly with facial features more similar to and better resembles our Red:

This man does not have blonde hair

Better angle of male figure

and zero resemblance to the blonde man from the fire:
who can also be spotted in Liz’s tangent memory from the Christmas tree lot, in which case the blonde man can be directly and specifically spotted at two different points in time, location wise.
And neither of these TWO sightings resemble the sighting of the man Katarina is with in Requiem in the back of the car, despite the sighting of the blonde man in the tangent tree lot memory is only a partial visual with his blonde hair observable.
In regards to the scene in the Christmas Tree lot where we see a very quick glimpse of the blonde man’s presence in the bottom left corner of the screen, it is kind of interesting how Dr. Orchard tells Braxton:
Dr. Orchard: She might be having a tangent memory. Her brain is trying to replace a bad memory with a good one
This is quite odd that the blonde man has any presence in this positive tangent memory of Liz. Why? Consider what else we have observed and/or the implications of the presence of this blonde man. If in fact it was this blonde man who felt betrayed and revengeful towards Katarina after the night of the fire, which implies he survived and made it out, and desired for her to be terminated, who then pinned Townsend against Katarina for the theft of the 13 packets leading up to the death of his family, which also would indirectly cause the creation of the Townsend Directive bounty (I say indirectly because we also know Ilya’s ruse with Reddington also instigated the bounty too), we also have to take into account what Dom told Ilya in 7.09:
Young Ilya: Are you worried they’ll find you?
Young Dom: I’m worried they’ll find Masha, try and leverage her
Young Ilya: Look, Dom, I- I can’t help you
Young Dom: You made a promise! To Katarina. You told her you would look after Masha if anything happened to her
Young Dom: She has to die. It’s the only way to protect Masha
Young Dom: He’ll never stop. And instead of protecting my granddaughter, we’ve put a target on her back
Young Ilya: Oh, stop using the child as an excuse! This was about you, Dom
Young Dom: This was about Masha!
So what Dom was essentially saying here is that the Townsend Directive presented a threat to Masha if they found her. And even if the ruse with Reddington was the final event that caused the bounty it would have still been the original party who pinned Townsend against Katarina in the first place who would have made Masha into a target because of Katarina and their desire for revenge towards her for the events in the fire. And if we go with the theory that it was the blonde man WHO WE SAW IN 2.10 MADE IT OUT ALIVE who originally told Townsend Katarina was responsible for the death of his family, which I think is very valid (because Townsend had to have had SOME SOURCE for this knowledge, which was inevitably post fire) that should mean this same blonde mandid not give a rats ass about Katarina’s daughter’s well being if he knew there was a good chance opening his mouth to Townsend would cause a ripple affect that would put Masha in danger from Townsend and allow her to be used as leverage against Katarina to draw her out of hiding.
So in this scenario with all these details to consider why would this blonde man be present in any positive tangent memory of Liz if he was the original source who made Masha into a target from Townsend in the first place by trying to seek revenge on Katarina by telling Townsend she was the reason his family died?
It kind of makes you wonder if in that tangent memory from the Christmas tree lot of the blonde man present was trying to kidnap Liz a SECOND TIME from Katarina, but Liz was unaware of this at the time? And possibly he was going to attempt to turn a positive memory/moment for Liz into a bad one for her and Katarina, but specifically for Katarina since Liz would have been too young to know what was going on?
And another thing to consider is the likelihood that Townsend never originally knew about the existence of Masha. But it was likely the source that came to him long post 1991 who tried to pin him against Katarina who did know about Masha, who then told Townsend about Masha knowing he could use his new knowledge of Katarina’s daughter and her identity as leverage against her in his new quest for revenge*.* Also consider this. We can ask whether or not Townsend was actually of Russian nationality or not and that is why he had close contact with the Vory and KGB, considering he also operated Russian ports and paid off the KGB, with phrases like,
Skip: Yeah, Townsend doesn’t know that Reddington’s N-13, okay? He thinks your mother’s the one that betrayed him, and he thinks she’s dead. Why poke the bear?
That was a phrase that was used during the Cold War to describe American attitudes towards the Russians. Or it could be just as simple as because of his connection to and association with the Russians as a big businessman that this Cold War phrase was used. But we can also ask about his Russian nationality and by default his connection to the KGB and Vory in the context of why he knew about Masha Rostova. Now IF as a Russian he already knew about Masha either pre fire, or before the death of his family post 1990, or even before he was informed by this mystery person that Katarina was N-13 and was responsible for his family’s death, should the KGB not have then also known about Masha if a major Russian port operator with contacts to the Vory and KGB also knew about Masha as Katarina’s daughter?
"I know the Vory ran drugs through your ports. I know you paid the KGB to look the other way. I know the documents N-13 stole detailed that cover-up. But what happened when that was exposed? What on earth could they have possibly done to you?"
"My ports lined the pockets of some very powerful Russians. When our business was exposed, they lost not only careers, but their fortunes. The Vory knew the authorities had reached out to me. They were pressuring me to testify against them in exchange for immunity."
"I was... I was asleep for most of it. Woke to the sound of my wife whimpering. When I got downstairs, my eldest was already gone. My youngest, he...was taking his last breaths. Their mother had been forced to watch the whole ordeal. Then I was forced to watch them slaughter her. I spent 30 years believing the documents your mother stole sparked the fire that burned my life to the ground, and every KGB informant and asset I can buy believes the same thing."
But then again the question of whether or not Townsend as a big businessman is of Russian nationality or not is not the relevant question in my opinion even taking into account his KGB and Vory contacts in the context of the reason why he knew about Masha Rostova. Why? Despite his connections to the Vory and KGB it is likely the Russians were not his source on the existence of Katarina’s daughter Masha Rostova. Why do I say that? Because the KGB were never able to confirm the existence of a secret love child. As Red told Liz,
Because remember Masha Rostova was only a suspicion and rumor and never confirmed,
“Masha Rostova was never more than SUSPICION and RUMOR*. The manhunt and the publicity it generated changed all of that.”*
And this is confirmed via Velov who was KGB, and the man the KGB sent to hunt Katarina,
Velov: They were asking about her KGB contacts, where she lived, and about a child.
Red**:** They asked about a child?
Velov: Yes, many times. ”Tell me about her child.” I said, “All I know is they say she had a daughter*”*
Only a handful of persons knew Masha existed other than Raymond and Katarina. This included Sam, Ilya, Kate, Fitch, Dom, and Constantin, and Naomi (later on around 1995).
But we also know the blonde man from the fire would have known about Masha since they were both there that night. So if before Townsend was informed by this mystery person that Masha Rostova was the daughter of Katarina and he was unaware of this knowledge until being informed by this mystery person about Katarina Rostova’s allege involvement in his family’s death and her being the original N-13, that would be even more reason to speculate some enemy of hers that was close to her, who was present the night of the fire who would have known about Masha and was REVENGFUL towards Katarina for lying to him and telling on him to some mysterious superiors following those events that night had supplied Townsend with this knowledge at some point after the theft of the 13 packets and after his family was killed. And he was also likely the same man who’s distant voice in the tangent memory in 2.10 who could be heard saying “
I also do not think Townsend randomly found out Liz was Masha after she was publicly ousted as Masha Rostova by the Cabal back in 2015. I bet he knew YEARS BEFORE the 2015 manhunt, going back to the mid to late 90s that Liz was Masha and Katarina’s daughter. Because we saw in 7.09 young Dom and Ilya in Belgrade likely sometime between 1995 and 1997 and Dom giving this warning to Ilya,
Young Dom: They’re calling it the Townsend Directive.
Young Ilya: Neville Townsend?
Young Dom: I’m worried they’ll find Masha, try and leverage her.
Young Dom: You made a promise! [ FIST SLAMS ON TABLE ] To Katarina. You told her you would look after Masha if anything happened to her.
Young Dom: She has to die. It’s the only way to protect Masha
So I think it is very possible it was the blonde man who did know about Masha, but who wanted to refer to her as Lizzie in the tangent memory, who survived and escaped the burning house, who was Townsend’s source on Katarina AND Masha. What is equally compelling in this scenario is we saw in one frame from the fire a TALL blonde man MAKING HIS WAY OUT OF THE BURNING HOUSE relatively unharmed and very much alive,
while the man who was shot was likely lying on the burning ground in the background.
And what is even more ironic is the memory of Liz shooting her father in 2.21 is also a tall blonde man who she believed was her father:
And yet in 2.10 arguably the SAME TALL BLONDE MAN IS SEEN LEAVING THE BURNING HOUSE UNNHARMED AND ALIVE, and Liz did not think that man was her father, but was a part of the group of Cabal men who were searching for the fulcrum while leaving her father behind to die in the burning flames,
“Man shown taking Liz by hand, leading her. Liz reaches out arm. Burn appears. Three or four men shown leaving burning house*”*
There were people with the woman, looking for it. The Fulcrum. You were one of them…My father was killed because of the Fulcrum, because you and your people came for it that night
This accusation from Liz comes right after Liz remembers the group of three men leaving the burning house. One of those three men was a tall blonde man who at this time Liz did not believe was her father. Yet she believed he was after 2.21 only because she remembers shooting that man in that moment because her mind was telling her he was her father. This while her memory in 2.21 completely forgets about THE MAN IN THE FEDORA/BLACK HAT WHO WAS FIGHTING WITH THE BLONDE MAN in her memory in 2.10, and this man with the fedora was seen in multiple frames.

Blonde man is to the right and hat man to the left

Blonde man (on right) is clearly taller than Hat man (on left)

Clearer image of the one above of hat man

Processing img lc3iwjz1ifu71...
And again it is this hat man, not the TALL blonde man who can more easily pass with a better resemblance to the man in the back of the car who is NOT BLONDE, or at least nowhere near as blonde as the tall blonde man in the fire:
And how was the blonde man LEAVING THE BURNING HOUSE INITIALLY when Liz DID NOT THINK he was her father, but seemingly the same man is ALLEGEDLY SEEN SHOT IN THE LATER MEMORY leading Liz to believe he all the sudden WAS her father?
But again back to Dr. Orchard words in 2.10,
“The people and the events may have been there, but in different roles. I know this is difficult to comprehend.”
But then you might ask about the fire memories because we hear a man’s voice also arguing with Katarina about calling Masha by the name “Elizabeth”. So was this man in this argument Raymond?
Woman: I’m not leaving without Masha
Man: Her name is Elizabeth
Woman: Masha*!*
She’s not going back with you
Woman 1*: You can’t take her from me. How could you steal her from me?*
Even though this might sound like a contradiction in my analysis I do believe the man in this specific exchange is likely Raymond. Why? Katarina accused this man of taking Masha from her,
“You can’t take her from me. How could you steal her from me?”
And Red told Liz in 3.14 (Lady Ambrosia),
Red: Your parents loved each other very much. The Cold War was hard– too hard for your father. When the Soviet Union was collapsing, he took you from her. She gave up everything to follow him, to follow you.
However, I also believe there were at least two separate arguments as u/TessaBissolli concluded a long time ago. And I think this specific argument with Katarina was a separate one with another man,
Man: Get out.
Man: Now!
**Get your hands off me.**
**Did you think you could get away with it? That I wouldn’t find you?**
Woman: Where is she?
Okay. You’re not here for her.
Woman: Listen, you're in trouble
Man: Because of you!
Woman: Yes
Man***: You told them***
Woman***: Yes, I did. I told them. It. was my job***
Man: It was your job? To spy on me?
Woman***: Yes, yes. No, I didn’t want to. I-I tried to protect you.*****
Man: Is that what you call it?
Woman: I did it because they threaten Masha…because they threaten Masha\\**
Man***: And that’s what you tell me now?***
Woman***: I did it because I love you…They'll kill you if you don't give it back***
Man: They'll kill me if I do…It’s the only thing keeping me alive…Who the hell are they?
Woman: Split up. Let’s cover the basement; the attic...Take it apart comb every inch\\**
Man: It’s not here! It’s not here
Man: No! No!
FEMALE VOICE: Get away! Right now!
Man: No!
Again, as I said in my last major two parter the nature of this specific exchange, which entails the man in question (allegedly Raymond) accusing Katarina of lying to him and spying on him contradicts what Katarina wrote in her diary about Raymond,
“The Agency requires answers. They connected with me today. I have told them another lie…. I cannot keep my thoughts in order. Only with Raymond I am honest*.”*
And the Minister D tape completely contradicts the diary (or maybe the proper phrasing is the diary contradicts the tape) because Katarina speaks as if Raymond just discovered the truth about her,
Katarina: Reddington knows. He knows everything.
Fitch: Explain.
Katarina: He’s discovered my identity. And the existence of the Cabal.
which leads me to conclude the tape between her and Fitch was designed to be an exoneration tool for Raymond.
But what is also fascinating is the part in the latter exchange of the fire dialogue where the man in question accuses Katarina of this,
Well if this was Raymond saying this it does not quite add up. Because going with the presumption Raymond was the one who took Masha to the US from Katarina in Canada and she was upset Raymond took Masha from her, according to Red because,
Your parents loved each other very much. The Cold War was hardtoo hard for your father. When the Soviet Union was collapsing, HE TOOK YOU FROM HER. SHE GAVE UP EVERYTHING TO follow him, to FOLLOW YOU.”
And this dialogue ALLEGEDLY from the same argument the night of the fire,
makes zero sense with the latter accusation,
But the man in this exchange is confident that from Katarina’s POV and his POV her presence WAS about Masha.
If the male figure in question who said this to Katarina that he believed Masha was not the reason she was there because he knew she had another hidden agenda, how can we be talking about the same man? Wouldn’t Raymond know that the only reason Katarina left Canada for the US to find him was because he was the one who took her from her mother?
It certainly sounds like the man in question in this exchange did not think Katarina was there for Masha, which would be odd especially if this mystery man was the same man who took Masha from Katarina to the US because he wanted to be a family again, was tired of the Cold War, Liz’s father Raymond. Yet this man in question does not think Katarina’s presence is related primarily to Masha**.** This again leads me to conclude there were two separate arguments with Katarina involving two men.
We also do not know if there was another secret reason why Raymond would have taken Masha from Katarina to the US. We know he gave her a reason for her father’s actions, and we can even see in the one argument Katarina and a male figure argue about why he took her from her seeming to confirm this explanation by Red. But what is uncertain is whether or not there was more to the picture than meets the eye. Because as Red told Liz in 7.19 about how he operates in her presence,
“I’m never dishonest, only withholding”
What was another detail Katarina wrote in her diary that might shed more light on this question?
“Raymond wants me to run, take Masha and disappear with him, but how could I do that to her?”
In other words it sounds as if one or both of them wanted the three of them to be a family*.* In fact we do not even have to speculate too much by trying to analyze the diary entry too hard, because this detail is even confirmed by Red’s knowledge of Katarina’s POV in the same scene as above from 3.14,
“Your mother, despite what he’d done, she wanted him back. She wanted them to be a FAMILY*”*
So the diary entry and Red’s words in 3.14 seem to confirm the intent or goal of both Raymond and Katarina of being a family. It actually seems as if both Raymond and Katarina wanted the three of them to be a family, but it also seems like it is possible Raymond was trying to force this issue by taking Masha to the US as as a way to get Katarina away from the spy life?
But what is also interesting is the implications of this. “Raymond wants me to run…disappear with him.” Katarina is saying here that Raymond would be obligating them to abandon their line of work in foreign intelligence to be a family. But did Raymond also mean he wanted them to ABANDON THEIR IDENTITIES? Because if in fact there were two women using the Katarina Rostova name before 1990 this would imply that name was nothing more than just an identity*.*
Where is the evidence from Lotte’s Kat’s end, or "Katarina Rostova"?
Remember this line from 2.20?
“Mmmh I knew her as Katarina Rostova. One of her many names*. She was a KGB agent”*
There are two ways that I read this.

  1. Red is telling Liz that there was only one woman using the Katarina Rostova name and that woman was her mother. But that name was a fake identity because it was by definition only “one of her many names
  2. Red is telling Liz that there were multiple, or at least two women using the Katarina Rostova identity prior to 1991, especially when we include the addition of Laila’s Katarina. And one of those women was her mother. But with this option by default that name can only be nothing more than an identity if multiple women were using it for intelligence purposes
But the important observation with both of these options is they both lead to the same conclusion that the name Katarina Rostova was nothing more than an identity. Because the key phrase is “one of her many names”. This could be one woman using the name for her own gain that was specifically intended for her after getting close to Constantin, or it could be multiple women using the name at different points in time, of course by exploiting the marriage title to Constantin Rostov.
Even the CIA agent for OREA told Liz back in 2.21:
“I don’t know who that is, but I doubt very seriously that that is Katarina Rostova*.* I don’t think there are any photographs of Katarina Rostova…
She’s a myth*. Tall tales late at night over vodka shots. Probably an amalgamation of a* half*-a-dozen unknown female Soviet operatives– the Pinko Mata Hari”*
Now these words from the OREA agent have a number of potential implications. Because we did see over two seasons later in Requiem that the newspapers had a photograph of the woman they knew as Katarina Rostova from 1991. Could the OREA agent be secretly admitting that the woman the newspapers had the photo of in 1991 was not the ORIGINAL Katarina Rostova and that was not her true identity, but an identity she stepped into? And obviously it makes no sense to call Lotte"s Katarina a myth because her actual physical self did exist. But that does not mean the name the newspapers knew her by was not a myth.
Because he even indicates this by comparing the name to a historically known spy that turned out to only be an identity, Mata Hari, (her real last name was Zelle Macleod, Hari being the fake name) and in his words that identity was likely used by multiple women in reference to the original name in question, Katarina Rostova.
Continuing on this same topic remember when Red went looking for the Glasnost File on Katarina Rostova in 3.14? “Poctoba Rostova”. Even some Redarinists are now acknowledging the possibility that KGB file was about Fakarina. The problem? The Glasnost Era ran from 1985/6-1991. This would imply Fakarina had already been using the KR identity prior to 1991, which by default equates to PRIOR TO BELGRADE. That means for Lotte’s Katarina it was only an identity for her and she was likely not even the originalKR”. That was probably Fakarina. (This also creates the implication that Fakarina was never looking for Lotte’s Katarina in season 7 if she was the original KR, another separate topic.) Remember in 3.15 Red tells Drexel,
An ENEMY OF MINE contacted you*”*
Then he asks Allond later,
Where’s ROSTOVA?”…
And I am certain Red was not referring to the title of the painting because he was looking for the benefactor of the painting,
Red: I need to know how to find your BENEFACTOR– now.
Drexel: I don’t know. It-it was all done ANONOMOUSLY. I got meticulous instructions for what to paint and where to send it
Well on this note Red and Fakarina were certainly presented as enemies in season 7. And the “Rostova” and “enemy” Red was referring to in that scene can not be about Lotte’s Katarina because Red has been protecting and keeping Lotte’s Katarina hidden with the help of the Sikorsky Archive,
“A network meticulously crafted with her knowledge and blessing to serve one guiding purpose – To give me the power to keep you safe and your mother hidden”.
And in regards to Red's need for the Glasnost Files with the title "Poctoba Rostova" in 3.14 and his quest for the painting where he asks "Where's Rostova" the following episode in 3.15, exactly one episode apart, it is extremely reasonable and logical to conclude the "Katarina Rostova" he was looking up in that Glasnost File, that by definition could not have been any later than 1991 because that era only went from 1986/7-1991, was directly connected to his quest for the painting that coincided with his request "Where's Rostova" and the enemy who instructed the painting who was also the beneficiary. And we know for a fact Laila's Katarina had become an enemy of Red at some distant point in the past leading up to the current day. And that point in the past was sometime post Belgrade. And if we can conclude that Glasnost File was about Laila's Katarina this would have to mean she was the original Katarina Rostova and Lotte's Katarina only stepped into the identity sometime later likely replacing her and by default was not her original and real name.
Moving onto the case of Raymond he said in season 6 his father excommunicated him at a young age:
**“**I was a difficult child. People saw me one way I saw myself another. I felt misunderstood - acted out. My father fancied himself a disciplinarian. Very moralistic. Instead of trying to understand me, he excommunicated me
I doubt Red would want to keep the same last name that was connected to his father who excommunicated him. I doubt his father’s last name was Reddington. And then of course in season 6 Liz thinks Ressler had found Reddington Sr. when he actually found Katarina’s father.
Ressler: No, I didn’t. I don’t know who he was, but I think I found someone who might. Your grandfather
Liz: You found Reddington’s father?
Ressler: Katarina’s
I find it odd that the Task Force was unable to locate their #1 Most Wanted Fugitive’s father under the Reddington name with all the files and documents they have on “Raymond Reddington” not just over the last 25 years, but going all the way back to 1977 when Reddington first joined the Academy, which would have required a background check? And especially when Ressler was the leading agent on the Reddington case prior to the creation of this Task Force in 2013?
“Ressler. Washington field office. I’m the case agent on Reddington”
And remember when he told Liz in 1.07?
You don't believe Raymond Reddington could CEASE TO EXIST in 60 seconds? I offer that particular package to clients”
Some would try and argue Red was only giving a hyperbole here and was not being literal about CEASING TO EXIST or the 60 second time mark, but when you analyze the implications of these words, especially the FORMER in the context of the previous evidence provided here in this section the conclusion that Raymond Reddington was also nothing more than just an invented identity or alias becomes harder to ignore. Especially when we take into account the comparison he makes about himself to Tom Keen, which we KNOW was an INVENTED identity.
"Unfortunately, Tom and I share some propensities*. Whatever you think you know about Tom Keen, forget it. The bookish elementary-school teacher was a masterful illusion. The man is an extremely talented covert operative. I’m not surprised he convinced you that his persona was real.* Once he TAKES ON A NEW IDENTITY, he convinces himself*"*
Red even admitted to Tom in 4.12 that he utilizes another specific invented identity for a specific purpose- to cover for his organization:
Red: What do you know about EDGAR LEGATE?
Tom: When it comes to assassins, he’s the gold standard. Nobody’s ever seen the guy
Red: Precisely. Because HE DOESN'T EXIST. Legate is an elaborate FICTION, a bogeyman I CREATED Tom: No. no, Legate is real, all right. I know at least six jobs the guy’s done
Red: Or so you believe. Edgar Legate is nothing more than A NAME I EMPLOY TO TAKE CREDIT FOR VARIOUS KILLINGS FOR WHICH I OR MY ASSOCIATES ARE RESPONSIBLE. One of my competitors, Baldur Magnusson, is actively seeking a reliable independent contractor to kill me, someone I won’t see coming. I think Legate would fit the bill nicely
SO WHY AM I GOING OUT OF MY WAY TO PROVE THE LIKLIHOOD AND HYPOTHESIS THAT THEY WERE ONLY ALIASES AND FAKE/INVENTED IDENTITIES*?* Because it leads right into my next question. Did the blonde man turn these plans upside down for Raymond and Katarina to ABANDON THEIR IDENTITIES used specifically for the Cold War and foreign intelligence purposes, Lotte’s Katarina as “Katarina Rostova” and Raymond as “Raymond Reddington”, RUN AWAY and BECOME A FAMILY, and followed the three of them to the US, and possibly even tried to kidnap Liz from Katarina again in the Christmas tree lot, and that is what we were seeing in Liz’s tangent memory at the Christmas tree lot in 2.10?
Is it possible Red was providing a truth, but withholding the full truth in 3.14? When you start connecting all these pieces there actually is a picture that starts to become clearer and take shape? Even with episode details that are seasons apart and might not seem like they are intentionally connected because of a new story/character arc in progress? And with a detail like the presence of the blonde man that might not seem to be a huge deal in the larger scope of things suddenly becomes a fundamental character in the background of all these other details. Especially if this blonde man character is not who we think he is? Raymond Reddington.
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2021.10.19 18:00 KonoKinoko We, at apple, realised people was attaching stuff to the macbook pro to plug *obsolete* usb-3. New mac. no more of crappy attachment.

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2021.10.19 18:00 johnrock001 Top 10 Witch Anime Recommendations

Top 10 Witch Anime Recommendations -
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2021.10.19 18:00 ToeFurB Multiple agencies investigate shots fired call at Sparta Middle School

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2021.10.19 18:00 Ag-Au-Ag A Harambe gorilla statue is staring down Wall Street's Charging Bull...perhaps some other reason not mentioned in the article???

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2021.10.19 18:00 IJustWantedThis Quit the bullshit!!

Feel like I gotta rant here before I blow the fuck up and cause a load of hassle. My sister is doing my fucking head in with her bullshit Facebook posts. Yes I know I could just unfollow or whatever but I get tagged in a bunch and the review tagging thing has decided it doesn't wanna work. It's constant motherhood is hard, women carry the mental load of the family, be kind things with constant updates on her kid, cringey nickname included. "Oh my god (kid) I'm so proud of you you're gonna smash it etc etc" I get that she's proud and that's cool, I'm a mum too I get it but it's over the most mundane of shit and isn't a reflection of how she speaks to the kid AT ALL. I have no doubt that she loves and cares for her kid but any time she visits or I visit her it's continuous "shut the fuck up" "I'm gonna put you through a wall" etc etc. Like what the fuck loading your Facebook with irritating bullshit but screaming at the kid irl. Hypocritical gross bullshit
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2021.10.19 18:00 virtualcoincap The First 'move To Earn' Nft Game Raises $8.3 Million

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2021.10.19 18:00 gqadams Rate my BDSP team

Rate my BDSP team
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2021.10.19 18:00 CarToonZ213 Anyone how to summon the ender dragon without suffocating in the Better end mod?

I'm needing to respawn it so that I can get a better end gateway spawn, but when testing in a creative world, an extra portal spawns on top of the existing one.
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2021.10.19 18:00 saltyslothy Returning from maternity leave blues

Parents who’ve taken maternity/paternity leave and have returned to the classroom during the year, how did you do it? My 8 week maternity leave (unpaid and fought for beyond 6 weeks) is coming to an end in a few weeks. I’m devastated to leave my baby, but even more depressed to return to the classroom. The environment is awful. The obvious terrible admin, insane amounts of observations and ridiculous pressure/demands.
To top it of, according to my team, chaos has erupted in my classroom. I teach first grade and my sub’s way of classroom management has been yelling and belittling the students, many of which have trauma. Because of this, many of my students are now having behavior problems. So, parents who’ve returned mid-year after being out a couple months, did you treat it like the beginning of the year, focusing on relationships and expectations or push through with curriculum? What types of activities did your first week back entail? Looking for words of wisdom and encouragement.
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2021.10.19 18:00 Philldobaggins Looking for a great Barber.

I’ve just moved to the area and in desperate need of a Barber. Shops are great but really wanting a go to Barber. Maybe you’re a barber!? Let me know who you guys go to and maybe avoid? Hopefully they’re not on Reddit.
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2021.10.19 18:00 SilvertheHedgehoog New items on Rumble?

For those who have yet read the official Riot's post on the 2022 Season PBE preview, one of the item changes is to Horizon Focus. On top of getting Health, the Focus Fire effect will now trigger on slows. Would this item appear in Rumble's builds now that E can trigger it, on top of Demonic Embrace now dealing 2% max hp on melee champions, which Rumble belongs to? And maybe even the new Cosmic Drive?
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2021.10.19 18:00 WolverineKuzuri93 What the fuck do you think we've been doing for almost a year?

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2021.10.19 18:00 johnrock001 What is Loli

What is Loli
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2021.10.19 18:00 Admirable_Swing_9248 Apple cider vinegar mocktails and kimchi/sauerkraut

I have been drinking apple cider vinegar in the morning, it gives a real jolt to the system. I take a shot in the morning and it wakes me up, helps the gut its cleaning plaque off my teeth, makes me feel full.
You can even make really yummy mocktails with it which I love! Here is a little recipe exemple:

It has a kick it, picks you up and satiates you, the bartender in me loves it.
I also eat lots of yogurt, probiotics, cabbage and kimchi, helping my stomach recover quickly which for some people takes years...
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2021.10.19 18:00 HenaoVidal Las DROGAS son INJUSTAMENTE ILEGALES

Sean bienvenidos a charla de elevador y hoy hablaremos de como Colombia lucha y asesina una industria que por salud y economía deberíamos aceptar.
#colombia #legalizaciondelamarihuana #Drogas
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2021.10.19 18:00 SatisfactionClover ITAP of my dog

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2021.10.19 18:00 Lanky-Salamander-439 Yay I just beat my damage dealt👊👍✌️

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2021.10.19 18:00 Lukeypooky101 I dont wanna know what that guy had to say

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2021.10.19 18:00 arabblacktrick69 Okay big decision

Get high and procrastinate school work or do my school work and be a good student🤨
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2021.10.19 18:00 Tentacle_wand why, how, who and what's Gamora?

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