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Spotted on a tree outside my school!

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2021.10.19 18:01 zenanddandy Is there a risk of being retraumatized?

I have been talking with my therapist on and off about EMDR for a year, and I believe that it is one of the few options I have left to heal. I want to live a life that’s not ruled by fear and anxiety. However, I am worried that it could make me feel worse and be retraumatizing. What is the likelihood of that happening?
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2021.10.19 18:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: ruoka

ruoka translates to food
See previous words @ https://wordofthehour.org/past
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2021.10.19 18:01 jnnnnormall By Alexei Bazdarev

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2021.10.19 18:01 Dukeiron Eternal Throne Shop Question

What do people typically buy after the 12 Heisan copies?
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2021.10.19 18:01 Akuliszi Water, water everywhere (Yeah, I've been flooded)

I have two dams - one at the bottom end of my village, and one at the top. Standard, beginners map.
First time I got flooded, I thought it was because I placed my dam in a wrong place, so I moved it a little bit up the river.
It was fine, after finishing it, so I thought, that I fixed the issue. But I got the drought, and when it ended and the water started flowing normally, I got the flood once again.
I understand the mechanic: water stops at the first dam, and when it finally gets a chance to flow, it generates a big wave, that the lower dam stops for a moment, before being able to let the water through it. In meantime, the first dam again has water level lower than it should to be able to let the water flow. And it repeats.
It doesn't seem like it will fix itself, so- what can I do?
I want to leave the first dam to be able to farm on higher area, and when I finally manage to get tnt, to to a canal there.
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2021.10.19 18:01 Yorkshireman26 Why is Britain such a nation of animal lovers?

Cats and dogs seem to occupy more of our lives than other countries, and the RSPCA is the oldest animal welfare organisation in the world. What is it about animals that speaks to the hearts of the British public? Is it connected to the relatively 'safe' wildlife we have here?
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2021.10.19 18:01 Silent--Dan It would be a shame if his private jet crashed in the Sahara with his water supply quickly draining before his eyes

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Century: Age of Ashes is coming to consoles and mobile in 2022! 🔥🐉
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2021.10.19 18:01 hs542 CYM vs NCT Live Score Match 19, Playing 11 Live Match Today, October 19, 2021, ECS T10 Cyprus Encore, 2021

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2021.10.19 18:01 WildboyDom Slow, Steady & Strong Price Movement.

Have you guys noticed that we've been steadily going up nice and slow? This is Bullish. Strong price action.
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2021.10.19 18:01 gifean What once was lost

“Ginger you recording this?” he nods and turns on his flashlight, “Ok, Aron we’re ready.”
His modified welder mask emotionless though I can tell he doesn’t like that I'm recording. When he first told me I’d be learning from him I was kinda shocked that someone would even think of teaching me, then he told me how Cheryl had told him my pulse rifle had broken and how I had made it myself, then he went on a long winded rant about how not enough Guardians make their own gear anymore and how it was rare to find a Guardian, more specifically a Newlight, that makes their own armor.
First lesson was a tour around his personal forge, learning where everything was and what it’s called. I forgot everything within the hour. So I asked if I could record our sessions, he responded with a deep exasperated sigh “If you insist I won’t stop you.”
The lesson was long and boring, but very informative. I learned how to re-dye my guns properly along with how to change gun parts from their original make without altering it so much it becomes useless.
After the work was done we both got messages from Cheryl saying she was stopping by with cupcakes.
Aron mumbled something to his Ghost Hamilton about checking up on ship maintenance and fuel.
It took around 10 minutes for Cheryl to get to the forge. She burst in with some golden age music playing through Tulip and a bag full of sweets which she promptly pours out on a somewhat clean table. “I have cupcakes, muffins, donuts, and cannolis! Choose what you want!” Her smile was infectious.
Aron asked “How much did this cost?” I didn't bother listening and began shoving a muffin down my robotic throat before grabbing a cannoli and doing the same. “Nyx,” Cheryl threatened “share some of that food before I punch you with a fist full of void.” I put down a donut I had grabbed.
Aron handed Cheryl a handful of glimmer and mumbled something about spending too much and getting too little. Cheryl just rolled her eyes and tossed him a muffin before grabbing a cupcake for herself.
We sat for a bit eating sweets and listening to Tulips music. About 30 minutes passed before Aron got up and asked Tulip to turn off or down the music. “Nyx when we picked up Ginger's distress call we were on our way back from an expedition looking for a cache from my first fireteam outside of the Iron Lords. And I've been thinking, the anniversary of their death is coming up, which was why we were looking, but you’re going to help us find it because after all six eyes is better then four.”
“Aron-” Cheryl tried to cut in.
“I’m collecting my thoughts.” There was a second long pause before he said “Hamilton pull up a map of the Cosmodrome and mark off the areas we’ve searched.” Then added “And Nyx could you please give your Hunter foresight.” After looking at the map I saw that they’ve looked everywhere but the western half of the Mothyards.
I told Aron “I would recheck the Forgotten Shore because there is several caves there, and the terrain could have changed over the years from either natural causes, Hive tunnels collapsing, Eliksni looting, or the Hive or Eliksni have moved into that area and set up camp, same with the Mothyards I actually know a few hidden caves in that area I used to train there with my old mentor. But you also have to come to the conclusion that if you can’t find it that it’s already been looted.” Aron answered quickly, “Impossible. It's boobytrapped and locked with a code only I have not to mention it's extremely well hidden.” I believe him but I have my doubts about the boobytrapped part. “Throw enough Thralls or Dregs at any trap and eventually you’ll run out of traps to set off” I said. He replied before stepping into a sideroom “Then we better get looking.” Cheryl mumbled “Always in a bad mood ain’t he.” she stretched loudly before saying, “We better get our gear on then if he wants to go looking soon.”
“Yeah, I guess so.” I replied. Just then he stepped out of the room pulling on his gloves and putting on his helmet. “Get ready, we leave in 15 you can use my sideroom if need be.”
“But Aron,” I said, “I haven’t been cleared for field work, and I don’t think Zavala would appreciate it if I ran off and got hurt again.”
“Then it’s a good thing Zavala’s not going to find out and you’re not gonna get hurt.” then quieter, “Much.” After some sneaking and bribing of Holiday with promises of a poker game, drinks, and a bag full of glimmer we don't have, we finally got on the ship and set out for the Cosmodrome.
I had just pulled out my newly gifted hand cannon ‘Obsidian’ to check and clean it on the way there when Cheryl spoke up. “So….. where are we looking first?” Aron replied, “We’ll head out to the Mothyards where we’ll spread out before going to recheck the Forgotten Shore and look for this box.” Hamilton sent an image to each of our Ghost’s detailing what looked like an ancient pre Golden age chest made of steel that would never survive that long.
“I know what you're thinking.” Aron said, interrupting my thoughts, “it only looks like its ancient. Cara made it out of the same thing this ship’s made out of. She just liked the way the ancient box looked.” I tried to commit the box to memory but told Gingy to save it just in case. We pulled out of slip space and transmatted next to Shawn Haw. He smiled and greeted us. “Warlock, Hunter, Titan. Going on patrol?” Aron nodded before having Hamilton pull out his sparrow and speed off. Cheryl and I followed him as best we could. Over comms he informed us of the plan, “Nyx you said you had familiarity of the region so I want you to double check the eastern side before covering the entirety of the region. Cheryl, I want you to check the south and southwest region and when you’re confident you’ve looked everywhere, come find me. I’ll take the northwest and north region of the Mothyards before letting you know we’ve searched everywhere and we’ll move to the Forgotten Shore. Copy?”
30 seconds passed before we heard his voice again. “Oh I almost forgot I’m sending you a frequency to blast that should ping off the chest. It will attract attention, so, if you run into trouble let the rest of us know your location.” We Drove into our regions passing planes and walls on the way. It took a minute but I found my favorite view point and climbed to the top. Staring out at Mothyards I thought to myself, I thought about my mentor, I thought about Aron, and Cheryl, and how they’ve been so nice.
“Gingy,” I say, “do you still have that bit of her cape?”
“Yes.” He replied. And transmatted a long, tattered strip of cloth into my hands.
“Polly.” I start. “There's Not a day that goes by where I don’t miss you. Not a day goes by when I think about what you taught me and how much you still need to teach me. Fucking Cabal. Anyway I'm getting off topic. I'm here to tell you I found a new fireteam. The leader is a Warlock by the name of Aron with a very serious sounding Ghost named Hamilton. Our only other member is a Titan named Cheryl, who I like the best, her Ghost's name is Tulip. I like Tulip too but she seems to scare Ging-.”
“She does not scare me!” he yells while his shell swirls rapidly. “I just think there’s more to the both of them.” I chuckle softly. “Sure bud.” I say, “Anyway, Aron’s teaching me to make and fix my own gear and guns. Remember that crappy pulse I had? Well it broke and when they found me he decided to make me a hand cannon and since he had extra parts he's also making me a new pulse. I think you’d like him, he carries himself high and you’d love to knock him down a few pegs.” I laugh a bit more. “This is goodbye Polly. Next time I see you it’ll be on the planes of Jupiter, out sailing the gas storms. Goodbye friend.” And I let the cloth go flying away in the wind. I stood in silence for what seemed like eternity before Cheryl’s voice came over comms.
“Aron, Nyx! I’m pinned between Hive and Fallen.” she grunts in pain before mumbling, “Sonuva bitch. The Hive caught me looking around an old underground basement. I'm guessing the Fallen heard the shots and decided to pick off whoever was left.” The sound of auto rifle fire filled the channel along with Cheryl yelling several obscenities before giving us her location.
“That’s only a few hundred yards from our location. It should only take a few minutes if we hurry.” I nodded and climbed back down the cliff before jumping on my sparrow and taking off. “Let her know we’re on our way. Pull a launcher from the vault and ready Quickfang. We’re doing this loud and proud.” Launcher strapped on to my back sword ready to take its place. The sound of Wirerifles and Hive Boomers grew louder until a loud crackling of lightning overpowers all. I pull up to an airplane wing and see Cheryl, arc light surrounding her, punching and firing everything in her path. Fallen and Hive fighting each other and Cheryl inbetween. “Gingy, swap the launcher for Quickfang as soon as I fire.” I pull the launcher off my back, kneel into position and fire into the biggest cluster of Hive before jumping off the wing letting the launcher dissolve.
Pulling ‘Obsidian’ out of it’s holster and in my left hand pulling Quickfang off my back. I shout, “Cheryl, we're here to help! You grab the Fallen, I'll grab the Hive!” I unload 6 rounds before using the light to cushion my fall. Standing before a hoard of Thrall backed by Acolytes and Knights I issue my challenge.
I empty my clip, and yell, “COME GET ME YOU SONS OF BITCHES!!”
They turn their heads and shriek, but they do not charge. Instead they part and let a Knight through to face me. I look to my left hand where I hold my sword and realize why the Knight came fourth. “Oh, cool. This is going to be very difficult.”
I can hear Cheryl tearing through Eliksni and Hive, bodies go flying.
“Where is Aron?” I wonder aloud before the Knight grunts and surprisingly, in broken English, says “Name is Trumok. What you name?” I raise ‘Obsidian’ and answer, “What. The. Actual. Fuck.” and empty my entire magazine into it’s chest. It roars but in defiance or pain I don't know.
It charges, sword held high above its head. I run to meet it, channeling arc light into my left hand and into the sword. I slow my breathing, taking deep breaths, remembering my training. I exhale and let the arc pour through my body. We close the distance and lunge at one another Trumok’s sword slashing diagonally, mine horizontally. I can see him make a face almost like he's happy he thinks he’s won this duel. His sword is heavy and mines fast, I go from slashing across his gut to stabbing and thrust forward between the chitin armor plate that makes most of his body.
I can feel all his muscles contract before spasming as the arc light flows through his body. I twist the blade up and cut from his stomach to shoulder. The arc light cauterizes the wound. Suddenly I hear sniper fire and Arons voice on comms. “Good job Nyx but put that sword to use and stay away from Cheryl it looks like her rage took over so she's very dangerous right now best let her work it off.”
“Good to see you finally made it. Now help me with these Hive I gotta reload.”
I’m answered with another round fired and a Thrall disintegrating in soulfire. Ready and loaded, arc still jumping at my fingertips I fire point blank and rush the nearest group of Thrall. I slash widely, letting my light pour through me, cutting and kicking everything I can see firing ‘Obsidian’ when I can’t reach my target.
It doesn’t take long until my arc light starts to fade, and soon it’s gone back to normal. I holster ‘Obsidian’ and jump, boosting myself high and throw two skipnades back to back dealing with a group of Thralls, an Acolyte, and a couple of Dregs who either strayed too far or Cheryl forced out.
Speaking of Cheryl, the Eliksni must have retreated because several Hive Acolytes and Thrall along with 2 Knights fall with the sound of heavy machine gun fire, which was quickly replaced by the sound of multiple grenades exploding very quickly.
”Shotgun now!” I yell, and seconds later I have a slug thrower in hand and I’m emptying shells into a Knights chest when a Cursed Thrall comes running from behind and screeches. Out of reflex I punch it and it explodes soulfire everywhere. I scream, it burns, my armor is in tatters, my shotgun on fire. The Knight I was shooting walks over to me and raises its sword, pointed directly at my stomach.
“This is the end,” I think, “this is how I die.” In the next second its head explodes, Aron’s sniper, and its body disintegrates, in beautiful purple void light. Cheryl extends a hand and Tulip flies over to me. “We’re here to get you back up and kill these bastards.” Cheryl stands over me covering our Ghosts as they extinguish the soulfire and patch what's left of my armor. I can see Arons sparrow racing towards us handcannon in hand firing round after round until he’s empty. He rams his sparrow into an Adherent, makes a Thrall explode into void particles, reloades, and finishes off the remaining Hive force.
“You guys good?!” He asks.
“I’m a bit toasty but I’ll live. Cheryl? You ok?”
“Peachy.” She replies, “Hive caught me off guard, and the Fallen didn’t help either. But any wounds I had are healed to perfection.” She sounds like she's smiling. “Now.” Aron says, “anyone find anything before they ran over here.”
“I didn’t have time to look to be honest.” I say.
He sighs “That's fine I didn’t think there would be anything over by you anyway. Ok, okokokokok. This time we stay together with weapons ready while we check the rest of Cheryl's region, agreed?”
“agreed.” we both say.
We check our surroundings before checking our weapons and armour. Cheryl patches up her armour, Aron stowes his sniper, ammo spent, and I sharpen and clean my sword of Hive chunks. It takes a minute but we’re off again heading for the edge of the Mothyards reaching the inlet that leads to the ocean and out of this place. On the way there we fan out checking in every building, and every plane we see.
“Guys,” Aron calls over comms, “I’ve got something. I picked up a signal and it’s getting stronger.” I head over to him as fast as I can. It doesn’t take long; he's only 20 yards away. Cheryl jumps down from the plane and says “Is it the cache or just a random signal?”
“Well the frequency I have blasting is only supposed to be received by the box so unless someones messing with us for no good reason, it’s the box, and it’s getting stronger the closer to the edge I get.” He starts to walk towards the shore line reaching the edge he extends a hand and Hamilton materializes out of it. Hamilton looks at Aron, nods, and flies a couple feet out and yells back. “Yep definitely getting stronger, though it’s very very weak now. In Fact if I had to guess, it's receiving the signal just before the mountains.”
I whistle, “That’s old Devils territory. You think House Dusk has taken over?”
“There’s only one way to find out.” Aron replies before having Hamilton transmat a Dark Age looking auto rifle. I stare at it. It’s a beautiful make. Everything looks properly sized and cleaned. I imagine what it’d be like to use such a weapon. Aron catches me staring and leans in whispering, “It’s got Dragonfly rounds too.” My mouth hangs open in my helmet. “OK time to get going. Hamilton, pull the ship around and have it fly us across to what I’m assuming is a Golden Age airbase.”
As we wait I ask Gingy to transmat a sniper with decent zoom. Pulling it up I see a forest and what looks like a ravine before the forest overtakes again. “I don’t think we’ll be able to take sparrows through there.” I say as I hold the rifle to Aron and let him look through the scope.
“Thrall spit.” he mumbles, “I hope you're up for a walk could take a few days. Anyone pack any provisions?” They both stare at each other then me. Aron makes a gesture before I get the hint. “Oh! Oh. yeah I..I-I always come prepared." I say as I search through my pack. "Now I warn you it’s definitely not good food, but it’ll do the trick.'' With that the ship came and flew us the small distance over the water and a little beyond the abandoned airfield. “Hamilton, keep the ship in orbital pull,” Aron said, “I want it close but far enough it couldn’t be bombarded by spider tanks and/or any anti-air weapons.” Hamilton nodded.
“Alright fireteam, get ready for the longest walk of your life.” We sighed in union.
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2021.10.19 18:01 rupaknath A beautiful picture of the Gateway of India

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2021.10.19 18:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: manĝaĵo

manĝaĵo translates to food
See previous words @ https://wordofthehour.org/past
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2021.10.19 18:01 musammat timeline for feedback from editors

I'm working on a nonfiction book with an established publisher I was super excited to work with. The only problem is that my editor -- who is not the person who commissioned the book-- is ignoring most of my emails. She said I should feel free to send her my book chapters as they progressed and she would give me feedback, but when I send them, there is no response. So I was hoping others could share their experience, esp. how long it normally takes before editors read their drafts.
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2021.10.19 18:01 RedditRocks2021 Judge Judy Revenge

I was watching a Landlord vs Tenant episode on Judge Judy. The Plaintiff (Slumlord) had a filed a lawsuit against the Tenant (Defendant) for non-payment of rent and building damage. The Defendant told Judge Judy that the slumlord would not turn on the heat/ac and the apt was infested with mice in which the landlord wouldn't hire someone to deal with the infestation, so he held back rent. The plaintiff stated " I was smelling this rotten smell in my apt where the tenant once lived". so after he moved, he tore out the carpet, it wasn't the carpet. repainted the walls, not there either. He hired a company to locate the smell and deal with it. Turns out the defendant got revenge on the Landlord by putting raw meat in between the walls and then dry wall it and sealed it in so it would cause it to stench for a long time. Judge Judy awarded the plaintiff $5,000 the max you can get in small claims court. Judge judy said "Sir, you should of takin him to circuit court for $50,000 you would of won, too late now!
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2021.10.19 18:01 Eiim Good 2

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2021.10.19 18:01 raoul-duke- Starting Virtual Group

Would anyone be interested in starting a virtual group? It would give us speaking opportunities and the ability to do some creative things with how we structure it. LMK.
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2021.10.19 18:01 akk6793 🖤⚫🖤⚫

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2021.10.19 18:01 VAIMOD Bringing BERT to the field: Transformer models for gene expression prediction in maize:

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